Friday, September 2, 2011

Not feeling great about me...

So after reading a few things here and there... and just the way I've been feeling lately, life is reminding me yet again that I am older than I feel.  My children remind me that I'm old almost every day.  Seeing photos of fellow friends in the same age group and they are now looking older too.

This is what you do once you hit 25+ years as a woman?
What sparked this?  Reading that a friend who is probably 5 years younger than me got a chemical peel.  Which I didn't understand since she's young.  Then it got me to thinking about if I needed one of those things.  But then I'm looking at the options.  I don't understand a word of it.  Then it makes me think about my large pores and how weird my skin is lately.

Then my self-diagnosed ADD thoughts take me to looking at other weight loss blogs.  And I'm reminded of how far a long others have come and I'm still sitting in the same spot regarding my weight. 

Yes, I compare myself a lot to strangers and others.  Its just some natural thing.  And I guess what us women do to ourselves as self-torture.  I know logically... we're all on our own paths for weight loss but I just kind of feel like I'm sucking all the way around.  No support.  Just doing it on my own.  At the end of all the internet searches, reading, etc........ I now am disgusted with myself and now feel down.

Why do I do this to me?  No idea.  Good way to ruin a perfectly good day.  Ha!

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