Sunday, February 6, 2011

Major Off Week!

So no weigh in picture to post because the battery on my scale is dead.  Gotta get a new one and haven't done it yet.  I admit through out the week I tend to get on the scale daily.  I guess to keep me aware of what I'm weighing.  So that will come this week.

Update on the Weight Watchers thing, we didn't have enough signed up at work so no beginning of that.  I got my money back and will move forward with the online sign up.  I also found out for me to get reimbursed for my YMCA membership at work, I have to bring in my attendance and have gone at least 12 times in the past month.  So if that ain't motivator to get my behind in the gym, not sure what else is.  The membership for the whole family is $56 a month.  We get a discount through my husband's job and after the reimbursement, we're out of pocket $26 a month.  Not bad.

This week has been a real off week.  First, I had court for a traffic ticket from literally a year ago.  I was fighting my speeding ticket.  However, they had video from the officer's car.  Which showed I was going at what he said.  I really don't remember driving that fast.  I had no choice but to admit guilt.  LOL.  Luckily the judge was nice enough to give me defensive driving so it don't stick on my record.  Still have to pay the fine and court fee's.  Then pay for the defensive driving and my driving record.  Joy!  Well at least I have until the end of April to do this.  I took a half day off at work on this.

Then Tuesday, I took time off as well because I had my HSG test to verify if my tubes are blocked.  I wanted to make sure if I felt yucky, I'd be covered to stay home.  So I stayed home but the test wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  It was nice to rest at home.  And the kids enjoyed seeing me for a second day at home when they got there from school.  The final results on the test, confirmed blockage!  I am no longer able to have any more kiddos.  I had a bad day that evening too.  OMG, I was so emotional.  Then add in that we find out that my old computer's motherboard went out and I was really feeling like the computer repair shop was doing us over.  So the husband and I got into a major argument over this.

Went to work on Wednesday...only 15 minutes of being there, we're sent home.  Why? The entire state of Texas is doing rolling blackouts because they want to conserve energy to avoid a real black out.  Of course my job is effected and they close the office and send us home.  I was so bored at home.  But I did manage to get things done with laundry.  So we were able to go back to work on Thursday.  Which kind of sucked because I realized how far behind I was even more with my workload.  I tried to get things done out of my work queue but it seemed like I was only working out of my emails.  Just not good.  That evening me and hubby were still a little tense behind the computer argument.  So he called the computer repair shop and I talked to the computer tech.  I also went online to look at the brand of computer we had and seen that this particular model has a history of overheating and killing the motherboard.  So with that, the argument ended between hubby and I.  And I felt better about my computer situation.  We purchased a refurbed one from this computer shop.  I still don't like it but I know paying for a rent-to-own one is ridiculous.  We'll just have to save up for a new computer and make the buy later.  This is just our get by computer for now.

And to end the week...Friday morning we wake up on Austin with snow.  Of course not much, like a light dusting.  But all the schools are closed for the day.  My job even called stating it was an inclement weather day.  I loved how the news stations kept saying it was treacherous conditions on the road.  They said there was ice packed beneath the snow.  Who knows.  I stayed home just to be on the safe side.  However, I had co-workers (who stayed home) asking if I was going to go in...since I live right up the road.  Then I felt guilty for not going into work yesterday because the weather was better and the system was up.  Sorry, weekends are my time off.  Other than that, I got the kids and hubby outside to play and take pictures.

I also decided, I'm going to take my time off this week and spend it at home with my family and doing some major cleaning, re-arranging of rooms, laundry, etc.  Things that have been neglected for a long time because I'm always at work.  I feel very accomplished in the home.  We went through a giant box that has been in my closet since we moved in...that had tons of paperwork.  I managed to part ways with things from 7-10 years ago.  I even filed things away and got all organized.  I feel so proud of myself.

So with all this, I know that I've been really off on the losing weight thing.  I'm pretty sure I gained.  I feel like I have.  I'm going to work on this, this week.  I have to get things in order to seriously lose.  Its like I'm fighting myself and really not taking it seriously at this point.  Ugh.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The latest... officially my family are members of the YMCA.  So that item is checked off on my list for getting into a gym.  The hubby signed us up on Sunday.  We haven't gone yet because I had my therapy appointment yesterday...or so I thought.  Went there to find out its next week.  I'm doing them every other week and forget we skipped an extra week.  I think its going to change to once a month.  I kind of feel like there's nothing else to say.  I know we're all work in progress but at this point in my life, it actually feels like things are going well and I'm doing okay.  No major stresses.  So back to the YMCA thing, we will probably go for the first time on Thursday or Friday.  Well maybe this weekend.  The weather is suppose to be really bad this week and I don't want to get out on ice or with crazy drivers, etc.  

No word on the Weight Watchers thing.  Last heard, we only had 11 people and HR extended it until this Wednesday for sign ups.  If no one else signs up for at least 15 people, looks like no Weight Watchers meetings at work.  Thats okay, because I'll just do it on my own either online or a meeting nearby.  I'm going to do something to keep myself accountable.  Also my husband wants to do this together, he has his own weight to lose.  Especially since his plan is to start classes in fall to get his Texas Peace Officer Certification to become a police officer.  So eventually he is going to have to lose the weight for the physical portion.  LOL.

As for other things, we had the party for the two oldest kids on Sunday.  Oh my goodness!  We're still exhausted from it.  We were there from 3pm until 8pm.  The kids didn't want to leave and I wanted to make good use out of the wrist bands we paid for.  We had fun and it went by so fast. 

Here's a pic of the kids before singing happy birthday.  A cookie cake for Aries and a Tinkerbell cake for Naty.  The crazy thing, everyone wanted to eat the cookie cake.  So we have a ton of cake at home.  Haha.  Thats okay, their working on it for desert after dinner every night until its gone.

In the meantime, I'm happy to add that I've managed to get most of my laundry done and keeping the house clean.  You have no idea how bad it has been over the past few months.  That has been a major issue for me.  When my house is tore up I feel like my life is in chaos.  I have also been cutting back on doing overtime at work.  I notice when I'm not here, things just do not get done.  Its a hard balance being a woman these days, maintaining home and working.  I definitely have to stay on top of my family to keep things in order and its working so far.  We'll see how it works once I have to start doing overtime again.  But I have missed being at home.  Spending quality time with my children.  One thing that my oldest asked me last Thursday was "why are no longer working late anymore".  Its crazy that he asks me that because he's become so accustomed to the routine.  I just told him I want to spend more time at home with them.  He was happy with that.

So as of this moment...just happy.  By the way, I'm still having good restriction with 6.5 cc's in my 10 cc band.  You think its gone but its still there.  I do have worries at times that I've stretched my band out.  It kind of sucks when you know there are no actual symptoms of doing this to know if you did it.  Only way to know is if I go do a Barium Swallow under the X-ray machine.  I'm waiting until June to do that and follow up with True Results.  I'm hoping by that point I can come in with a good loss.  Oh yeah, I'll also make sure to post up some updated progress pics since I haven't really done any since first starting the weight loss thing last year after surgery.