Monday, March 23, 2015

Weigh-in, back to school...

Weigh-in... I'm down like 0.6 lbs. or something...

I tried to schedule the Zumba... but unfortunately there were other more pressing things happening at home that prevented me from attending.  The classes are offered on Monday & Wednesday evenings.  So the plan is to attend tonight at 6:45pm, wish me luck!  I also start two classes this week --- my mini-break from school has ended.  I have class on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings from 6pm - 10pm.

I'm also trying to get some major overtime in at work.  Its being offered and I want to take advantage of it.  Definitely can use the extra pay because I put a deposit down on a condo in Destin, FL for a week of vacation in early August.  So need to save for vacation time.  :)

I am in the works of figuring out how to make time for exercise... I'm trying to consider if I should get up at like 4:30am and go into the gym at 5am... just to get it over with for the day?  I'm not much of a early riser, but thats one thing I'd like to be - seriously.  I wonder if this would help?  Because I know that once the evenings come, I am ready to stay in the house... or I'm busy with school, kids activities or who knows what else.  I'm thinking morning is the time to go... get some cardio in, even if its not Zumba.

I'm also resetting my eating habits... kind of stepping back to the liquid phase and slowly phasing things back in to detox myself of the bad carb habits, etc.

So here's to breaking my 3rd stall!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Officially in my 3rd Stall

And... its all my fault.  Lets keep it real, since coming back from New Orleans I have been on a complete nose-dive of bad choices.  Oh such a slippery slope.  I stopped logging all of my food in MyFitnessPal - so technically, I have no idea what calories or protein amounts I am consuming.  Add in... water intake sucks!  Which has effected my pooping cycles.  Yeah... I've been a bad girl!  And I even stopped with my vitamins... and of course I haven't started working out yet.  Man I suck at this.

I got down to 187.2 lbs. about 2 weeks ago... and I've been going up/down within 2 lbs. since.  Here is my weigh-in from this past Saturday.

I have decided I have to stop the madness or I will have wasted another shot at this weight loss thing and I want to keep pressing forward in reaching my 1st goal of being 157 lbs.

So first things first...... charging my FitBit back up.  I will be wearing that again, all the time.  I really need to work on getting more sleep time in - bad habit since the trip of staying up until midnight or after and then trying to recover my sleep by taking naps or doing nothing on the weekends.  I hate the feeling of being tired.

Next step....... log all food.  I need to.  I have to make myself accountable, its the only way I will know what I am putting in my body (Duh!).   Which means, also making better food choices... no more fast food - yes, I've had some McDonald's chicken nuggets or chicken tenders from Raising Canes or eating out at other restaurants.  I may not each much... but I know ultimately, not good food choices.  Grocery shopping weekly again - meal prepping again.  Plus, I found out my kids really love cheese sticks - which I do too (one of my go-to's).  And they love apple slices with peanut butter.  So I can also get them eating good things - we've been eating pizza rolls, corn dogs or taquitos (bad!)

Water........ get in at least 8 glasses a day.  I was so close and then I let it drop off.  Plus I've been drinking wine lately - almost a glass a night.  Not sure why either.  Not that its bad, but I want to do better with my water and if I have room for wine later - okay.  Lol.

And finally.... begin exercising.  I'm taking Tracey's suggestion and look at the class schedule and actually schedule it into my own - it will remind me and well, then no more excuses on forgetting, etc.  This Friday, I plan on paying for 4 personal trainer sessions too.  First class starts tonight..... Zumba here I come!  And they have another on Wednesday evenings.

So yeah............ thats whats going on.  Wish me luck on getting back on track.  I have 30 lbs. to get to my official weight goal.  I'd like to be able to adjust that to lower... but its time for me to tackle that beast first.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What I'm eating.. No exercise yet.

I admit... I have not been exercising (but I need to).  I paid for my YMCA membership and I haven't been back.  Ugh!  And they took out my monthly fee yesterday.  Ugh!

This bad-dreary weather makes me want to stay indoors and do nothing.  I know that is an excuse, but thats how I really feel.

I also admit that lately... I haven't been logging my food intake in my MyFitnessPal.  I login daily, only so I don't lose my streak.  LOL.  And also so I can log my weight somewhere.  I don't get it.  So what am I eating lately?  Tracey had me thinking about this and I figured I'd post it on here... so for the past week and a half, its been the following:

BREAKFAST:  1 cup of coffee (with cream/sugar - not measured)
                          AdvantEdge Protein Shake (last week)
                          Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal with 2% Mootopia Vanilla milk (this week)

LUNCH:  Natchitoches Meat Pie, I can't remember the rest (last week)
                 2 Deli Sliced Turkey & Muenster cheese rolled-up (this week)

AFTERNOON SNACK:  2 cheese sticks (last week)
                                          Small bag of Cheetos (this week) - bad, I know.

DINNER:  Varies... some not so great choices.

DRINKS:  1 Gatorade G2, water.

And I admit lots of cheats... like wine, some girl scout cookies.  I don't remember what else because I haven't been logging my food.  So yeah, not that great in the food choices department.  The only good thing going is --- I take my vitamins every day.

I really need to get it together before this goes even worse.  And I need to stop wasting money on a gym membership.

So that is all.....

Monday, March 2, 2015

Jobby-Job, NSV... boots!

Good morning!!!

Okay... so I've been in a weird place lately, not weight related more so with my career and where I want to be in five years.  I've felt extremely tormented with the thoughts of moving on from my current job.  Not that I don't love the work I do or some of the people, but I've come to terms with the fact that...
  1. There appears to be no room for advancement.  (I want to be in management) And we haven't had open positions or even ones unilaterally at my company for a long time.
  2. No room for growth or learning new skills (I need this... I am bored, thus the reason I returned to school too).
I admit, I feel like a bad employee... guilt is mixed in too.  I've worked at my company for six years now.  I moved into my position at about 18 months into coming to work with my company.  Since then, I've been kind of stuck.  I really do hate the thoughts of leaving.  I fear leaving and going somewhere that is not great.  So hard.

I just know I have more I can offer and more I want to learn.  I thrive on learning.

Now outside of that... I did weigh-in on Saturday... and I'm down 2 more pounds.  Lovely.

One other major NSV is that I was finally able to put on my riding boots that I bought about two years ago.  

So yeah... I had a good weekend.  And I'm happy to say that Girl Scout Cookie Sales are OVER!!  They are all out of my house now.  However, my daughter has started softball for the spring and thats about 3 months.  LOL.  Good news is I don't go back to school until the end of March.  So a small break.  And I do have to admit, time has slowed down since I'm not taking any classes right now --- strange!

Alright... that is all.