Thursday, April 9, 2015

Short Update

So my stall I was experiencing finally broke... I knew for a moment I was eating anywhere from 1100 - 1300 calories but went back to tracking, there were some days somehow I went over that.  Snacking and grazing, ugh.

So I went back to seriously watching things and the scale really wasn't moving either.  I think with my next follow-up appointment I am going to ask that my nutritionist/doctor test my metabolism.  Apparently they were supposed to do this when I had my first appointment but the machine was down the day I came in and it was never done.  And the only reason I'm thinking of it now is because I wonder if my body has this super low metabolism or something... like does it mean I can't eat over a certain number of calories if I want to lose.  And it makes me wonder if I do since I know I didn't eat much in the past week... and dropped like 4 lbs or something.  So since the last time I updated here, I am down 4.2 lbs.

Add in... I had to drive to Reno, NV from Austin, TX, last Tuesday to see my grandpa.  He was on hospice since last September when he was diagnosed again with lung cancer.  He eventually passed away on Friday night.  I am happy I was able to make it up there in time to see him.  I also was able to see other family I haven't seen in almost 18 years.  I lived in Reno from eighth grade until my Junior year in high school and I haven't seen my certain family or friends since leaving.  So it was nice to see others.  It was definitely a long, longggg drive.  But I didn't eat much, add in I lost my count on MyFitnessPal for the days of logging in.  Lol.  But it makes me think the lower calorie count may have made the difference.

Still not working out........ why? No real reason other than, I don't make myself go.  Ugh.  Going to cancel the membership with the YMCA.  I have work out videos and things at home and well the weather is warming up, I can always go walking around the neighborhood... in the meantime, I'd rather save the money.


Bonnie said...

So sorry to hear about your grandfather, but it's nice you got to visit with family. Congrats on weight loss. Those stalls suck. I know I am going to freak out when it happens to me after surgery even though I know it's going to happen.

KajunDee said...

I hate stalls, ive been bouncing back n forth over the same 3 lbs for 6 months...but on the brightside..we're not gaining :)
Dee said...

Sorry about your Grandpa. We have great hospice nurses in Reno. If you come again on a happier visit let me know and we can meet.
Reality check Girl! Losing 4 pounds is not a failure. It does seem like we should lose weight really fast after VSG. When I think about how little I really eat - I should be at goal. Ha ha