Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tryin to Piss on my Parade, Ummm No!

What up, what up!  Well I'm in a better frame of mind today.  After getting some not so great news related to my relationship with my other half and after being VERY angry.  We have been able to sit down and really talk.  I admit we haven't talked in a long time, like a good session.  A lot of venting and being more receptive to each other's feelings rather than the blame game. 

But the other thing today... went to my TR (True Results) appointment to do a barium swallow and check on my lil' ol' band.  And if all was well... get a fill.  Of course I anticipated the nurse or PA, whatever the hell she is to be a total bitch and of course she lived up to that.  Hence the title of my blog.  I have just come to terms that this woman is either someone that is VERY unhappy in life and wants another person to feel her misery OR she is probably a fellow lapband patient (because I do have to admit, she looks way thinner than when I first dealt with her 2 years ago) and she thinks she KNOWS IT ALL!  Ummm no.  ** side eye **

So I was hoping the lady wasn't there but of course once entering the room where the X-ray was, around the corner she stood.  And looked ill faced.  I just smiled and said "heyyy, long time no see eh?"  She then went on to ask me what has been happening for the past 9 months.  I told the truth.  I did well the first few months then fell back into old habits for awhile.  I gained back like 5-6 pounds and then something just clicked in July for me.  After using and seriously logging what the hell I was putting in my mouth and realizing how many calories I was really eating...... I knew I had to change my ways to seriously lose this weight.  Since the beginning of August, even with few slip-ups... I have been doing the rules of the band.  I have cut out all the juices (although I have had it a couple times, can't lie), still have my coffee daily.  I eat my protein first, then work on veggies.  I'm not going over a cup of food.  But I am snacking.  She asked what kind of snacks.  I said the Special K Protein Meal bars. I <3 them things.  She tells me immediately, those are JUNK!  I'm like really?  Yes!  Wait a minute... didn't you tell me a year ago to drink Special K Protein water since I didn't like the EAS or Atkins.  So whats wrong with the protein meal bars by them?  I mean you give me a freakin packet about Protein Snack ideas or Meals and the shit says on it..... a protein bar under 200 calories and at least 12g's of protein (I admit these only about 10g's) but its close enough to me.  Then I mention how I can still eat breads, etc and I know that if the band was tighter... I probably wouldn't.  She then come at me saying that if a person is eating breads, their just testing their band and you shouldn't be testing your band.  So basically, I'm not suppose to ever eat bread again in my life.  WTF?  Did she miss the memo that every one is different and each of us can eat some things that others with the band can't.  This ain't no damn diet.

Here's my deal... if its working for me and I'm not going over a cup of food at each meal, I'm using the band correctly.  But then I read on their paperwork you can't have more than 1/2 - 3/4 of a cup of food.  Seriously?  When did that change?

Anywho... so she asks me how much weight did I gain back.  I told her I got to 217-218 lbs.  But as of today when they weighed me, I was 211.6.  In your freakin face lady!  In fact, thats the lowest weight I've had since coming to them.  We did the barium swallow and what do you know >>> My band is beautiful and just fine.  She seemed surprised.  So I got to get a fill today, we just did .5 since its been awhile.  I'm now at 7cc's. 

I think she realized I'm not going to put up with her talking shit to me.  I don't deal well with people talking down to me like they know more.  I understand your the nurse/PA but talking to people like their shit does not motivate or encourage them to stay on track.  She seemed to have changed her tune a bit.  She said I can come back in 4 weeks, maybe just to check my progress and go from there if I want another fill, etc. 

I'm good! :)

Btw....... I picked up this nutritional shake called OhYeah! (usually I hate these things, aftertaste -- BLECH!) but its pretty good.  Its the Cookies & Creme flavor.  Now onto 24 hours of liquids, then 24 hours of soft foods, etc.  I'm serious about making this committment.  Now if only I could get the exercising bug.


Ronnie said...

I like the OhYeah! Vanilla shakes, they're pretty good. :)

Glad you didn't let her talk down to you, that's not acceptable!

Manda said...

I also bought the Chocolate. Just to try them out... I'm thinking it should taste good, like the Cookies & Creme. LOL. But 32g's of protein is good. So I figure if thats good, I'll go onto Vanilla. I seen they had a Banana & Creme too.

Dawnya said...

If you go on Tuesday morning when you need a will get Isabella. She is way better that Courtney with her stank attitude.