Saturday, June 30, 2007


I'm not feeling up to par lately. Just feeling so extra emotional. I miss home, but I also enjoy it here. Mainly, I miss my babies. I was going to see them this weekend, but money is tight and its getting to me again. Its amazing how money can affect a person so much. Especially when you don't have it. I mean, I got my bills paid...its just the doing the extras thats getting to me. Its okay, I know in a few weeks things will be in order. Just gotta get to that point again. I miss my babies so much. Hopefully something can be worked out for my cousin to watch them and they will be here for awhile longer.

Outside of that, me and D are doing well. Thats my sweety and we're happy. We're making it. Things are fallin' into place for him...and well I'm getting use to my job. I know he misses the kids as well as his lil' one. I haven't had a chance to meet his baby boy, but I know if he's anything like his daddy...he's a sweetheart as well. I just think of him and Nati getting the chance to meet and play. Lord....two 3-year olds running around the house. Haha! It would be nice to have him come down and visit. I know he'd have so much fun.

Next on the agenda...No real plans for the 4th of July. Just going to work, since we get paid time and a half plus our holiday pay. I need the money anyways...that will be a major check for me. And I need some big checks again. I want to go clothes shopping for the kids, as well as myself. Hell, I gotta get Aries school clothes. But I know it will be easier since they do uniforms here. I just want to shop....shhhh, lol. I thrive off of being able to buy new clothes or new shoes....or some sort of jewelry. And I've been lacking that since moving, unable to do much since mid-last year due to getting things back in order and paying off debt. But I'm doing better than I was...which was struggling, now I'm just broke from paying bills. LOL. Thats one step ahead.

Ever feel like you wish you could be a kid again? Damnnn those were the days, no real worries. LOL. I didn't realize until I got older all the shit my mama dealt with. Now she chillin'....since all her kids are grown, but she does help us out still. Her and my dad have always been there for me..and my siblings. Helping where they can.

Ohhh, I'm listening to this ol' school music. I love it! Hmmm, what to do tonight since I'm dead ass broke? Might go with sweety while he does some stuff at the studio. I dunno though...In the meantime, ya girl is catching up on some reading of Harry Potter, since the movie is coming out VERY soon. Damn shame, but them books and movies are good! LOL. Anywho....laters.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

It Amazes Me...LOL.

I've never really dealt with many hata's in my life...but it truly amazes me how people cannot get past things. I moved past it, hell...I got my closure and now there's a new chapter in my life. I'm happy. VERY happy! I found someone that I love and basically compliments me. We are on the same page, it ain't about games or all that other bullshit. So why are certain people still coming on my page, still worried about what I'm doing, and still trying to voice an opinion on things I have chose to do? Muchless the person I'm with...Jealousy and envy is a muthafucka! Thats all I have to say for those people still on my pussy about what I'm doing....

Yes, I realize....a certain person basically married someone thats a downgrade for themselves. Hell, I'm flattered that I was an upgrade for ya. LOL. Shit, its too bad you are that unhappy with a decision or mistake you made in your life that you gotta find other upgradable women.........lmao.

But for those who are still upset, believe my Mr. New Orleans was an upgrade. He's a real man...and is handling his business....was handling them prior to US gettin' together.

You ain't got shit on can't help but be a hata.......your life sucks, your a loser. Hell you ain't even got your own ride. You can't even get a REAL job other than some temp jobs....I feel ya, I'd be jealous and envious as well....Here's a woman doing shit on her own, got her own damn car, making more money than you, shit...had two job offers before she came here that were PERMANENT and with benefits. Moved away from family/friends...Got her own spot and handling her business with two kids. Yeah...I'd be jealous too.....and your a man, whats the problem? You ain't on that level and never will be.....keep livin' off ya wifey and her family...

One day...when you ready to be a REAL man...instead of a lying, cheating, no good'll see what needs to be done and then be blessed. Until then, keep reading my page....and keep feelin' that anger. I know what all the comments are about....your mad at me, your angry with me. But the thing is need to re-direct that anger to yourself, it was you tryin' to be a playa. How the fuck you gonna be a playa and you tryin' to have a relationship with a bitch? LMAO. Can't play a playa.......remember that. Haha...

I appreciate the shit you put me through. Yeah I caught some feelings for you, not enough to stop talking to other dudes...but enough to open up my heart to allow you to hurt me. Our situation taught me some things, I learned from it and took what I needed. I got my closure...and I've moved on. Why can't you just accept it, and move on yourself? Damn shame....Well I'm going to pray for you, hopefully you lose that anger and find your happiness...LUV.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hidin' Out..Jus a lil'

Yeah, its been revealed. I found someone that I can say has made an imprint on me. We're together...officially, it was made official back around Memorial Day weekend. Its amazing how one event can change into something else. All my girls been asking who this person is, cause yes...I've been keeping it under wraps. It was an inner battle, trying to figure out what was right for me. But I realized I didn't want to let him go.

Since then, we been hidin' out together..........LORD! I love spending time with this man. Every single day, we together. Its about US! Not just him and me seperate. We are on that same page together...and I'm luvin' every single moment of it. I miss him when he leaves to handle some business as far as his music........crazy, never thought I'd be that into a person LOL. I've never been like that. I know he ain't out there doing nothin' he shouldn't be, but I just want to spend every spare moment with him. Its madd crazy havin' feelin's like this again and we both like this. I guess its that LOVE bug....haha. He's my sweetie........he treats me soooo good. Ya'll have no idea.

Outside of that, I've been going back and forth about going back to Austin or not. Mainly due to daycare issues. My sweetie says he's willin' to go where ever I choose, but then I still have this lease and I'm not sure I want to throw in the towel so easily regarding living in Houston. I think the main issue is I miss my family and friends in Austin. My grandparents are finally back in Texas, staying with my parents. I just miss the family...and believe me, I'm very close to my family so being up here in Houston is making it hard. But I wanted to spread my wings and do things on my own. In the mean time, I managed to meet someone special. Crazy...but Sweetie and I talked...we're gonna stick it out here in Houston. Do what we gotta do to make things work for daycare, etc. I can say I'm happy...and VERY content with things at this point in my life.