Saturday, October 13, 2007

What To Do?

Ya'll.........I'm so confused. I managed to get a job offer from United Behavioral Health as a claims examiner. But I'm also working for my current company doing the same thing. I'm so torn right now on which path to take..........Here's the situation:

I'm currently working for CHCS Serivces, Inc. Doing Medicare claims. I make really great fact the most I've ever made in my life. The drawback, its a temporary to permanent position. I left my last job for this one on purpose, my intention was to make myself shine and become permanent. I'm now at 3 1/2 months there. Which is good! Believe because the class started out with like 23 people and they let all go except 8 of us. Mind you 2 were permanent already. So I survived that. We finally hit the floor after 3 lonngggg months of training Friday and I'm loving it. Its a good company! The problem is..........WHEN will I go permanent? Should I wait it out.....I know the trainer said they wouldn't have trained us all this time to keep us temporary or let us go. They just want to see how we do on the floor. And it seems the usual amount of time for others to go permanent is about 5 months....I won't hit 5 months until December. Plus I know, if I wait it out....once permanent, they hire their examiners at an hourly rate more than what I'm already making plus some. And their benefits are really good.

Then there's United Behavioral Health who offered me a position. They offered me a lower wage than what I'm making now, 80 cents less. But benefits begin the day I start. I can wear jeans every day and they have true flex time.........for those who don't know what that is.......I can come in between long as I'm there before 9am and complete my 8 hours. They offer OT. And I'm direct hire. No more worries about being temporary and having no benefits. But then I heard horrible things about the place....that they don't promote much and raises are rare.

So now I'm not sure what to do.............this is my delimma. Any thoughts or suggestions?