Friday, September 23, 2011

Snuk's New Eyes, Not Feeling Hungry.

Details on Snuk's eye surgery (he had a lazy eye since about 8-9 months).  I was ready to go off on the office staff with his eye doctor.  How in the world do you wait until 3:39pm the day before scheduled surgery to submit the pre-authorization to the insurance company?  Then have the nerve to call me at 5pm that day and tell me this.  What am I suppose to do?  Then I have one lady saying don't worry about it... yeah, your not the one that will be held responsible for the bill.  I am.

But I didn't want to wait any longer so I'm sure it went through today and if it didn't, they ain't getting paid by me.  Their fault, not mine.  So he was scheduled for bilateral eye surgery this morning at 7am.  He had no clue.  Seriously... he didn't know what was happening.  Once we got in the back and all the doctors were coming up to him... I think he realized something was happening.  LOL.  He looked confused.  He didn't cry and luckily went willingly with them.

He was squinting from all the light and a lil' dopey.
In the end, his doctor came out and said he did well.  Both eyes were done.  No bleeding, just itchy and sore.  They gave him pain meds but you wouldn't have known.  In fact once we got home, he didn't go to sleep.  He was up and about... being his typical 2 year old self.  IN EVERYTHING!  They said it would take effect immediately, we could see both his eyes were straight.  But the full healing would take at least 8 weeks and it would take a little bit of time for his brain to realize he can see clear.  It looked strange to see him like that, he looked a bit different.  So we will take him back for his post-op check up in 2 weeks and see whats next.  Not sure if he'll need glasses again or what.  But I'm so happy we did this for him.

SIDE NOTE >> As far as eating, I'm not eating much lately.  I just don't feel hungry.  Its probably due to the allergies and not feeling well.  But I am feeling much better today.  I got my prescription for Singulair and my chest is even feeling better (asthmatic over here).   Plus I admit, I haven't stuck to my goals this week due to feeling bad.  I really couldn't taste much for food and well my stomach didn't want anything.  Not sure how the loss is gonna be... I know I am the same as I weighed on Sunday.

As for this weekend... we have our first Flag Football game for my oldest son.  We'll see how this goes.  LOL.


Amanda said...

What a good baby! Not a peep and all of that medical stuff!!

I had a lazy eye from a young age too. But no option for surgery 32 years ago!

I wore glasses from 2.5 on!

Ronnie said...

What a good little guy! :)

I think one of my sons will need some sort of surgery like that, he's had a lazy eye for about a year... and I've not even been in to get it checked. I'm a horrible mother.

This just spurred me to get in and do it!

Manda said...

@Amanda He was wearing glasses at 18 months. I had a lazy eye too but luckily the glassed I wore as a kid fixed it.

@Ronnie Definitely get him in to the eye doctor. I'm surprised his pediatrician hasn't said anything. We started out with glasses for a year, then did these special eye drops and went to surgery.