Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Some updates since I've been gone...

I figured I would update those who may be interested... or not on whats been happening in the past 6 months.  Lets see... some key points.

- In March... I met a great friend (aka my BFF now), who was nearby this whole time.  We have become wonderful friends and I really do my best to support her and help where I can.
- In April... My husband and I went to see Daniel Tosh.  He is definitely worth seeing in person.  We love Tosh.0 and had a great time.  It was our 5 year anniversary celebration.
- In May... We also went to see Kevin Hart, that is my husband's favorite comedian.  Hilarious and I'm glad we went.  My daughter finished out her Spring softball season, the team lost all games.  I think there were like 12 in the season.  LOL.  Its all good, she had fun and enjoyed it.  Both Aries and Naty made it on the straight A honor roll.
In June... Natalya had a bad burn, 2nd degree.  She was trying to cook ramen noodles by herself in our microwave.  As she pulled the  bowl down from the microwave (which sits above the stove), she poored it down the front of her chest and belly.  It was a scary thing.  But the good news is she healed up quickly, still has some scarring but not too bad.  Thanks to Dell Childrens Hospital.  She was going almost every day for treatment.
- As for the summer time... I've been working non-stop, tons of overtime at work.  Basically killing myself to make ends meet until my husband finished school.  Unfortunately, he hit a snag and was out of school for attendance.  It was appealed but he was not approved to re-start school until August 27th.  In the end, it worked out because we saved money on daycare costs during the summer for the kiddos.  And I didn't have to miss work and he was able to take Naty to her doctor appointments for her burns.  For the rest of the summer...we did nothing big.  Saving money for the kids school clothes and thats about it.  I really wish we could have taken a real vacation.  One day.
In July... celebrated a birthday with my good friend, Becca Dawn.  I also completed my LTC designation!  Yay, I did actually complete something.  I'm so proud of myself.  So that means I'm officially an LTC (long term care) Professional.  Currently working on other designations until I can go back to school for my bachelors next year.
- My oldest son started 7th grade, which also meant he started tackle football with his middle school.  My daughter started 3rd grade.
We also signed my daughter up for softball again (and to be honest... she is soooo good).  Well she keeps getting better.  Every time she's up to bat, she hits it.  I'm very proud of her efforts.  We also signed her up for Brownies in Girl Scouts.  I am now a member as well... to help out the troop when necessary.
As for little Brayden, still bad as can be.  Tee hee!  But he's officially potty trained and is talking in full sentences now.

And now that school is back in... we are just busy busy busy. 

Oh and a last thought......... LOL.

Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm backkk...

And after the long period of time being gone... yes, I admit I have gained back approximately 12.8 lbs.  Do I feel bad, kind of.  But then again, I just chose to give up the entire thing.  I was tired of dealing with the whole thing.  I was being extremely lazy.

I have no excuses.  I basically stopped all logging of food, ate whatever I wanted... when I wanted.  Didn't follow any lapband rules.  Didn't even attempt exercising.  I even stopped drinking water like I should.  All built habits out the window.  And the result... that gain and horrible cholesterol levels. 

Where am I at now... who knows, I just know I need to get back down again.  I kind of feel like maybe if I make smaller goals of losing, then it will not seem so overwhelming.  I have a hard time sticking to things too.

So here I am again... getting back up again to lose the weight I've gained back and get back to healthy again. 

In other news.... I have a new BFF.  Like seriously... her name is Crystal.  We have a ton in common, we met because our two oldest children were in the same 5th grade class and are now 7th graders.  We hang out a ton and now even work together.  We both realized we are enabling each other's bad habits regarding food and well...... weight loss.  So we are going to attack the weight head on together.  Its nice to have this support nearby.  I am hoping this rubs off on my husband as well... I think he was shocked to see his weight hit over 300 lbs himself.  So its time to get in gear... even with the holidays coming. 

I will try to blog more about other things happening.  Today is the new beginning....... back to food logging, food weighing, water consumption, vitamins again and even exercising.  Gotta get my fat ass slimmed down... :)