Sunday, September 4, 2011

Doubts in blogging atmosphere, Off the Wagon and Hook 'Em Horns!

I kind of feel like I wish I had more to blog about.  Like I've said all I can say about myself.  I don't know how to dig deeper.  Then again at moments I feel like I hold back on here too.  Then there's the thoughts of does it even matter, no one is reading this anyways.  Lol.

Outside of this, I wish I could say I started working out again but no.  I did some swimming on Sunday but I also worked a lot of hours this week and couldn't find the energy to actually work out.  As for weight, I lost (point .) 2 pounds.  Pretty good considering I know I made some not great food choices.  I'm still doing well with bringing my lunch to work and not so good with the water intake.  Gotta get back on track with that as well.  I'm falling off... I can tell.  Uggh!

It doesn't help that hubby is off the wagon all the way himself but the good part is we are doing good with the food we buy.  Yes, we have our slip-ups with getting some fast-food or eating out here and there but we're doing pretty good about taking our lunches to work and for the most part getting groceries to eat lean meats and veggies.  It could definitely be worse for our eating habits.  But I know we need to get back into it again.  He lost 10 lbs in a month.  And me, I've managed to get about 4 lbs this month.  So I know it was successful and we just need to keep going.

The boys went to the UT Longhorn game yesterday.  They said they had a blast.  I'm glad they did.  The only complaint was that they had to park like 6 miles away from the stadium.  I told hubby... well at least you got your exercise in.  Haha.  Here's some pictures he took from his cell phone.  They had some nice father - son bonding time.  Now don't get it twisted, we're usually New Orleans Saints and LSU fans but since we do reside in the city limits of Austin, TX... it was nice to partake in the festivities of their first game of the season.  By the way, they did win this game against Rice.  Haha.

 As for the rest of this weekend... Gotta go to the store to get ingredients to make baked macaroni and cheese.  My parents invited us to their house for a small BBQ gathering tomorrow.  So we're donating that to the food cause.  :)  May get something for desert as well.  Also need to hit up Burlington to check out some jean shorts for my nephew.

Oh...I did find me a really cute top for the Lil' Wayne concert next weekend.  Just need to get me some shoes and accessories.  I think we're going to hit up one of the restaurants down on the San Antonio Riverwalk... debating on if we'll hit up Dick's or the Rainforest Cafe since we haven't been to either one.  We shall see.

As for this following week regarding the goals for weight  >>>  Hmmm... up the water intake and really make sure I get at least 80 ounces a day, try my best to NOT going over my calorie intake for the week.  I'd like to lose a pound this coming week.  Lets see how this goes.

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