Monday, September 29, 2014

Weigh In for 9.27.2014

So I'm back to this weigh loss thing.  I know that I weighed 236.0 exactly when I went to the doctors on the 19th.  But as of this past Saturday... I weighed in at:

Weigh-In:  234.8

I am down a pound or so.  I know I planned on working on some goals... and I'm proud to say, I did accomplish most.  I have been logging my food every day with myfitnesspal.  Its a habit, I really need to stay on top of.  Its always good to know what your putting in your mouth.  As for drinking at least 64 ounces of water, did not happen every day.  I really need to get that water in, so I'm hoping to get this one done this week.  

Then eating fast food... ahhh, so hard too.  I did manage to have us eat out only 3 times this week --- thats for like lunch and dinner two times.  The rest, we stayed to eating what we bought for groceries.  Going to work on that more this week as well.

And exercise... well, I didn't get in at least 3 times this week but I did get in 1 time.  I say, thats better than nada.  

To be honest, I woke up Wednesday morning with my back in extreme pain.  I've never encountered that before.  I am thinking it was due to doing planks while exercising the last two weeks.  I have to remember that I am really out of shape and shouldn't push myself, thinking... I got this.  Thats how you hurt yourself. Ha!  I gotta learn the hard way.  I've been icing it, getting chiropractic adjustments and doing some stretches.  Its starting to feel better but still sore.  Hopefully, I can get some walking time in this week.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Reminders... of what being bigger is like

So those of you who may have forgotten, because apparently I have... when you get back to the weight you were at, pre-op... it really does suck.

Apparently I'm the type of person that has to learn the hard way or need multiple reminders.  Since gaining my weight back... the sore feet (add in sore calves) now exist.  And now sore lower backs.  Look, I am a cutie with a booty and that doesn't help but having a sore lower back is no joke.  I've never dealt with back problems before.  But I know its because I'm over weight and add in I'm starting to exercise and do things to get my body back in better health.

IT JUST SUCKS in the meantime.

So onto getting a chiropractic adjustment today and ibuprofen.  :(

That is all...

Monday, September 22, 2014

Some small goals to work on

I planned to start doing my weigh-in pictures and things on Sundays but forgot.  So out of routine.  I am back to logging my food.  Not every day but at least during the week.  Its so hard to remember these things and get back in the habit.  But for the record, I guess you can say my starting weight at the doctor's office was 241.0.  When I went in this past Friday, I was 236.0.  So I have lost 5 lbs since my initial visit in June.  Probably due to having the stomach bug a few weeks ago.  Lol.

So I think I will set some goals to accomplish this week, to help me get back in the mode of the basics.

  • Weigh-ins on Sunday mornings, beginning this coming Sunday on 9/28/2014.
  • Log all food and drinks in MyFitnessPal, every day this week.
  • Drink at least 64 ounces of water each day this week.
  • No fast food at all this week, except one meal (on weekend) is allowed.
  • Exercise:  Go walking at least 30 minutes, 3 times this week (this includes class on Thursday)
Time to get this thing started again... It also helps that I'm taking this Personal Wellness class (required core course) for my degree plan.  But its just bringing me back to the basics.  And although I only attend class one night a week with this class, we have to work out the last 30 minutes.  We have been doing circuit training, which is pretty cool.  The first night, I was so sore from doing squats and lunges.  And even though I didn't work out any more after that >>> I have been running more errands.  I think the next class, I gained some strength in my muscles because I didn't get as sore the next time.  That actually makes me look forward to it.

As for the revision surgery, I completed my endoscopy.  I did it in office and through my nose.  Wow!  Its not the worse thing ever or really painful but yeah... its a crazy feeling being awake trying to swallow a tube down your throat.  Lol.  I think the worst part was him adding air into it... just makes me gag thinking of it.  Haha.  He did say however that my band was perfect, no erosion or slippage.  He's just worried that once submitting to insurance, it may not be covered.  I am too to be honest.  They plan to submit the whole information package to the insurance today and it can taken probably 2-3 weeks to hear back on denial or approval of the procedure.  I really hope it gets approved.  I truly feel like if I get this surgery, I will lose the 80 lbs I need to lose to be healthy.  Even then, in the meantime... I am working on getting back into the basics mode for the band.  I have to get my mind right.

Alright... laters.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My dedication to Pretty

Rest in Peace my sweet, Pretty. 1999 - 2014
One update I really haven't talked much about is... the loss of my cat.  She died on August 26, 2014 at about 4 am.  She was 15 years old and her name was Pretty.

I've had her since I was 18 years old, even before my oldest son was born.  Initially she was a shy and timid girl.  But later, after her brother moved out - he moved in with a neighbor of mine, she came out of her shell and was a very sweet, loving cat.  She dealt with my three children, all while they were growing and learning how to treat animals.  She was very patient with some ear/tail pulling, picking up and rough hugs.  She would make squeaks and this face, like help me please.  Lol.  But she never would scratch them.

I've always been a cat lover.  After having to give up my orange tabby, Morris at the age of 13 to the shelter... I told myself, I would never get a cat again unless I knew that I could keep it for their entire life.  And Pretty was the cat, I was blessed to have.  I truly hope she did not suffer and that she had an awesome cat life with me.

A gift from friends in her memory.
Just thinking about it, makes me want to cry.  I'm going to be honest, I would joke around a lot about when she passed because I knew she was really old, but never in a million years did I think she would die --- or that I would witness it.  She basically died at home, in front of her food bowl.  She has had a history of asthma but other than that, she was healthy.  In fact, I had just taken her in for a check up back in April and the vet said she was doing fine.

Romeo... napping.
All I can think is, she had a heart attack or something.  I really can't pinpoint on if it was due to her asthma or what.  I still hold a lot of guilt.  I think about her a lot, especially because my other cat, he seems to appear like he's lonely being the only cat.  When I got him, he was just a kitten and Pretty was there for him.  Now, he's alone.  I feel bad for him.

I'm sure Romeo is fine... just look at this picture.  Although prior to Pretty dying, he would never of sat up there on the couch that long or even allowed a cover on him.  Now I feel overly cautious with him.  He's 8 years old and now considered a senior.  It makes me want to go take him to the vet, get all those blood tests and make sure he's okay.

Its strange... without her around anymore.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Whats happenin'

I figured I will try to make a commitment with posting at least 1 time per week.  Blogging keeps me accountable for my weight loss efforts and its nice to just record about my life.

Regarding the weight loss part... I have two appointments this week, tomorrow for my psych evaluation and then on Friday for my endoscopy.  I am hoping that after the appointment on Friday, the surgery date will be set.  In the meantime, I am now back on MyFitnessPal to start tracking my food, exercise and water in take.  Definitely needed.  Especially getting my water intake in order.  After being sick two weeks ago and getting dehydrated, I need to get the water in my system.  The doctor's office gave me a protein shake to try called Premier... Hmmm... vanilla was okay.  I usually stay away from vanilla flavors because I know they are usually not that good, at least to me.  Maybe chocolate next time.

I will be taking four classes this fall semester, but currently only doing 2 right now.  One for my major in Healthcare Admin and Personal Wellness for my core classes.  It actually comes at the same time that I am trying to get things in order for my health.  So part of this class requires creating a wellness plan for myself, which includes all my "numbers" like cholesterol, glucose, weight, etc. and how to improve it with a plan.  I'm really excited to get this all in order.  I kind of enjoy the fact that I'm starting brand new.  This is a different start to it though.  I've always had problems with committing but I feel this is different, same way I felt about going back to school.  I feel that thing pushing me forward to accomplish this and be a better person.

So the good news... I got my results back on my "Know Your Numbers" that my job does annually and I am doing so well in my cholesterol, it has finally dropped to good numbers.  Now its time to get my weight in control.

In other news, my oldest son is playing for his high school freshman football team and doing so well.  He's a wide receiver and has managed to get a touchdown in each game so far.

I also took my daughter to a dance clinic with the local Leander High School Blue Belles.  It was a surprise for her.  She was involved in softball but wanted a break last season.  I figured she may enjoy this, let her try some things out.  The dance clinic was just some exposure to it.  So I have decided to sign her up for a few dance classes to see if she likes it, doing it with beginners.  She doesn't know this yet, I have surprised her with these things.  Lol.  I just want her to stay active and be open to trying things.  So we will see how it goes, this evening.

As for Brayden, we haven't put him in any activity yet.  I think we just need to focus on school at this point.  Haha.

I'm also working on baby shower stuff for my best friend.  She is due in December and I am hosting the shower.  I managed to accomplish a lot of errands this past weekend related to it.  Its scheduled to happen in October.  I hope it turns out well.  Especially with how flaky some people are.  Say they will come and don't.  Thats my fear, that no one will come.  *crosses fingers*

Well thats about it so far this week...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Yeah... so, um...

So I've been gone for awhile.  There were a lot of personal things going on that needed to be dealt with.  Mainly my own marriage.  I really thought it was done.  Yet, we have worked through it for the most part.  Always a work in process.  I know this and actually having to go through this, just reinforces how hard relationships are to maintain.

Outside of that, I basically was focusing on my school stuff.  With the end of the summer term, I was struggling big time with my College Algebra and New Testament classes.  I really thought I was going to fail College Algebra.  However, I managed to pass it with a C.  I'm okay with that.  Not totally proud but it was hard.  I also received a B in New Testament, I thought I would get an A but the professor was kind of tough.

Another good thing was I was able to take the kids down to South Padre Island for an end of summer vacation.  It was nice, really enjoyed it.

So summer is over and school is back in for the fall.  Not only have I started my next 4 classes for the fall, but the kids are back in school.  My oldest son, Aries is now a freshman in high school.  My daughter, Natalya is in 5th grade and my youngest son, Brayden is in kindergarten.  Its crazy how fast time has flown by.

First day of school.  Aug 2014.

Now with regard to my revision on the LapBand? Well I have decided to proceed with removing the LapBand and getting the VSG. After talking more not only with the doctor who will be performing and with my own family doctor, I feel more comfortable with the decision to do this.  So right now, I'm in the works of getting things in order for insurance purposes.  Hopefully after next week, I will know of a possible surgery date.  Kind of feeling excited, yet nervous as well.