Saturday, October 11, 2008

I got a nugget growing in my tummy!

Lol........Well the babyshower is coming up. Can't wait, its just gonna be nice to see all my fam/friends together. So if you don't know about it, you'll be getting an invitation soon. Oh yeah and if you'd like to assist with the FUND MY BABY project aka Gift for Brayden (hehe) can find my registry on Walmart and Babies R Us. We have nothing at this point, I admit it. Update on Brayden.......he's growing a lot and doing major movement. David has been watching my stomach the past two nights and can actually see him move around in there. No clue what he's doing but its weird. I think the actual flipping is the weirdest movement compared to a kick.

So last week I ended up getting diagnosed w/ a UTI. Although I'm thinking its really a kidney infection. I think now for sure I know I'm having a boy. I mean my entire pregnancy with Aries, I had a UTI. Never knew it, only because my doctors told me. But around 7 months pg with him, I had a sharp back/side pain on my left side and had to go to the hospital. So same thing this time...they gave me the same medicine I was given every time w/ Aries however. I told my doctor its not going to work. I just don't want to end up how I did after delivering Aries. Sick as hell and stuck in the hospital for 4 days instead of 2...and then coming back again because no one wants to listen to me. I mean, everyone and even reading the symptoms of a UTI...says it burns when you pee. I don't have that. I just had that side pain...and still have blood in my urine. So I took this stupid the doctor said, but I will be bringing it up at my next appointment next week. Someone has to listen!

Outside of that, I got Aries signed up for basketball. He will be playing in the Jr. NBA! The season doesn't start until January but I'm sure we'll have practices sometime in December. He's also a part of the chorus for the Christmas he'll be doing some shows at school come December. Things are going to get real busy for us these next few months.

As for now, I'm just going to be busy cleaning my house......JOY! But this is deep cleaning. Lots of stuff to do. Sorry, no major dramas....unless I forgot. :)