Friday, December 26, 2014

My 6 Week Follow-Up... and the weigh-in

Alright... so I weighed in this morning at home and the number came to... 200.0 lbs.  Woo hoo!!  I am down 1.6 lbs. even after my big number last week.  Perfectly fine with it because, this is yet another week I am at the lowest weight I've ever been at.

I also went to my 6-week follow-up this morning.  Dr. G. said I am doing very well in my weight loss, considering the word on the street is you lose slower with a revision.  So I am officially down 42 lbs. since my highest weight and down 24 lbs. since surgery at 7 weeks post-op.  I will take that.

We went over my protein and water intake.  I am like right under... getting about 50-60 grams of protein a day in and about 6 cups of water.  I'm trying to get it up there.  It is so hard, between eating and drinking water.  I feel full constantly, almost miserable full.  I never really thought it would be that hard, or I don't remember that in the beginning with the Lap Band.  But he did say he wanted me to get both up where I need them.  That is one of my goals.  The next step is true exercise and making that a priority in my busy schedule.  I've been walking, but not on a consistent basis,  My schedule with work, school and the kids has made time hard to come by.

So once I get my protein/water up to standard levels, he said eating 800-900 calories a day at this point is good.  That once the other two factors are up there, if I stall... then up my calorie intake to 300+ for about 3 days and then drop back to the usual.

Another thing that came up is, I have been having weird pains in my right side.  I feel it if I stretch and every now and then, its a pain that comes and goes.  If I press on that side, it hurts.  He said its my gallbladder flaring up.  Told me to drink more water, but we will keep an eye on it.  To be honest, I was feeling these pains prior to seeing him.  So we will see if that is an issue later.

Other than that... go back to see him in 6-weeks again and goal is to lose 18 lbs. by that point.  He did say if I don't make it to 18 lbs by then, is it the end of the world... no, but goals are good.  Lol.  I can dig that.

And here are some side by sides of me... and my hubby from Christmas yesterday.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Hola! Sickly, weigh-in and 6-weeks Post-Op

So I've been sick since about Monday... found out it is the flu.  I haven't had the flu in over 10 years but I was told after a major surgery, we tend to have lowered immune systems.  Who knows because even before that I managed to get the stomach virus twice and was in the ER for dehydration.  Lol.  This year has just been a crazy year with me catching illnesses.  Basically I am contributing any weight loss this week partially due to the flu.  I haven't been hungry although I did eat a couple of times.  I've mainly been drinking water and hot tea with honey for my throat.

As of this morning and after stepping on and off and on and off again... and having my son check his weight, I weighed in at 201.6 lbs.  My lowest-low!  I couldn't get this low with the lap band.  I am down 6 lbs. since last Friday.

I wanted to post this picture from last week... The had scrambled eggs for breakfast, how much I could eat.  And I was totally full - like a real full feeling and not uncomfortable.  And it lasted for awhile, I really don't get the feeling of being hungry unless I don't take my heartburn medication - when the acids get going - I'm like starving, weird...  But its still amazes me that this sleeve works this way.

So I'm 6 weeks out from the surgery... and down about 40.4 lbs. since my highest weight of 242 lbs. in June 2014.  Since my pre-op diet, I've lost 28.4 lbs and that started 10/21/2014.  And since surgery, I've lost 22.4 lbs.  I'm really happy I made this decision.  At times its frustrating because my fat girl mentality creeps in and wants to devour all these great foods out... especially this time of year.  But I'm so happy I've done this.  I can only imagine how things will be after the 1st of the year.

I did do measurements prior to surgery... and recently measured myself, I have lost some inches.  Not much up top because I was told I can't work out upper portion.  Although I will admit, I haven't worked out bottom much other than walking for my normal activities... but I've been pretty busy with school and work.  So I think its time to start getting an exercise regime in, after I finish getting over this flu --- not sure of how long that will be, I'm feeling okay today just head congestion and no fever in a day.  Maybe start on Monday with doing some walking on the treadmill and elliptical.  And will definitely have to increase my calories for this.  Its going to be interesting.

That is all... also, I'm on Instagram if you want to add me (Manda1280).

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Weigh-In stuff

Weigh-in has come... and I'm down to 207.6 lbs.  That's 1.4 lbs down from last weekend.  I'm not losing 4 lbs. a week like my doctor wants but personally, as long as I'm losing... that's all that matters.  I'm very close to my lowest low with the Lap Band and excited just to get under 200 lbs. at this point.

I managed to get my water intake up to 5 cups a day, I think that definitely helped.  So I'm going to work on getting 6 cups a day this coming week --- I guess have it correlate with my post-op week.  Lol.  And keep working on getting my protein in, I do good certain days and struggle others.  I just know I hate protein shakes --- with a passion at this point.  I am eating pureed/soft foods and thats part of why I might not get in as much protein.  Although, I do crave protein just not in the form of a damn shake.  Blech!

In other news... I have one more week of class for the fall semester, I have lots of work to complete still because the last four weeks have been majorly crazy and off for me.

So until next week... hoping for another good loss.  :)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weigh-in Friday, Emotional? and Good things

So I weighed in this past Friday, on my birthday and I'm down 1 lb.  That is the type of stuff that gets me worried and well, it lets me know I'm not doing something right.

But then again, I lost 3.4 lbs right after Thanksgiving and my period coming (figures).  So I guess its okay because in the end, a loss is a loss right?

And I have to remember... since I'm now at 209 lbs, I am actually 2 pounds away from the lowest low I had with the lap band three years ago.  And that was struggle then to get to 207 lbs.  So I have to keep my head up and going.  I'm really trying NOT to be scale obsessed but its hard.  I think its hard this time around than before.  I also know that I have this goal of getting not only under 200 but to 195 by the time I see my doc.  He's pretty aggressive in the weight loss thing, but I'm glad - someone is keeping me accountable.

I am currently eating pureed and soft foods.  And for my birthday last Friday, my best friend and some co-workers bought me a Magic Bullet.  I'm excited to try it out, so I bought me some food to try it with.  Tonight, I had egg salad..... it was so yummy!  I probably ate like 3 oz.  I was so full.  Its crazy to say I was so full with that amount of food.  I always wanted that feeling of satiety with the lap band and to actually get it with this, its crazy and still hard to believe.

I do have to say... the grocery bill is a lot cheaper here.  Lol.  I do feel bad for the kiddos because I haven't been cooking much, nor has my husband.  He also got his sleeve surgery this past Tuesday.  So we're doing this together, how awesome is that?

I also went and had a massage for my birthday.... 110 minutes with hot stones.  It was so good and the therapist was not my usual, but she was awesome.

Thats another thing..... I just turned 34 and maybe its more from surgery, but since surgery... I feel so emotional.  Like wanting to cry a lot.  I don't know why.  This is really out of character for me.  I mean, like getting the Magic Bullet for my birthday... I started crying out of the thoughtfulness, thats NOT how I was before.  Lol.