Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Know Your Numbers! A NSV...

So check this out!  I guess you can say this is a NSV for me.  Every year my company does this program called "Know Your Numbers".  Basically, they have a lab come in and draw blood.  They do a blood panel and check everything on you, as well as take your health history.  I knew last years was wayyyy high on the cholesterol part.  In fact, when I went to my physical last November... I let me doctor know, we did another blood panel and yep it was still high.  Shoot, its been going steadily up for years.  Why? Was it diet, lifestyle, etc?  It appears so.  Well I assumed because I lost about 25-30 pounds between 2009 to 2010... that it would drop.  Do you see it went even higher?

I was shocked!

Could the reality be that it was really what I was putting in my freaking mouth?  Yes, I had to finally admit that to myself.  Even after being banded.  I still managed to keep eating all the fried foods, high calorie drinks.. just wrong things in general.  Its crazy that it took from November 2010 until July 2011 for it to hit me how bad I have been treating my body.  I was suppose to start taking fish oil in December and never did.

Even now... with not working out for about a month.  I'm still doing what I can to eat right (minus last week).  But back on track this week.  So they took my blood on Monday morning and I got the results today.  I went from 223 to 186... lower than the first time I had my blood drawn in 2009. 

I'm ecstatic by this news.  Mainly because even though I only lost 4 lbs last month, which seemed so minute since its the same damn pounds I keep adding on after giving up in this process... but it shows that by changing what I'm putting in my damn mouth, has made a huge difference at least regarding my health.  Now I still have some work to do with getting my good cholesterol up above 50 and my ratio under... but it will come with due time.  I definitely do not want to be on meds for this or have a stroke/heart attack at 40 years old.

Goal is to get this fish oil supplement at Target (they have gummy ones that actually taste good), take those every single day.  Keep eating under my calorie goal everyday and get that water intake up/steady, as well as increase my exercise activity... so come physical time in November, not only I lose maybe another additional 8 pounds but my numbers are looking great!

I think I found my motivation again...  :)


Lisa said...

awesome! We really are what we eat huh?!

Manda said...

That say is so true! Lol.