Monday, February 27, 2012

BOOBs 2012!

Well it looks like the info is up to go to Chi-Town.  I am definitely going!  I want to meet all of the wonderful ladies that I have been reading about.

Only thing..... I don't have a roomie :( 

If anyone is still looking and would like to room with me.  HIT ME UP!  Thankkkkk youuuu!

Weigh In for 2.26.12, Lowest of the Lows

Hola people!

I still have no access to a regular computer at home.  Plan was to hook up the computer yesterday.  Its still in a box.  Never got to it.  Still unpacking and things but almost done.  Can't wait to get all the boxes GONE!  Now onto the weight loss front...

Weigh-In:  207.8
(No picture, couldn't find camera)

Thats 3.4 pounds down from last week.  So happy to have lost the weight I gained back over the last few weeks and be at my lowest weight of all time!  I managed to be stay under calories all week long and get in all of my water.  Add in the fact that I did walk almost every day last week while at work.  It was nice weather and I felt better afterward.  I got in 148 minutes of exercise.  Original goal was 120 minutes, I believe.  So I'm really proud of myself.  Crazy thing I thought I didn't do well last week.  LOL.  Maybe because the week went by so fast and I couldn't focus on much, at least it felt like that.

Also... I finally broke out my Polar HRM and the Jillian Michael's Shred It with Weights dvd yesterday.  LOVE the Polar HRM, very easy to use.  Second.... the dvd, today my legs... well actually since I exercised yesterday and even more today my legs are aching!  But it's worth it!  I'm feeling better today.  I do feel like I have more energy.

I also have been really good about getting my vitamins in... and I've upped my Vitamin D intake... I'm taking 1800 iu a day compared to 1300 iu usually.  I can definitely feel a difference with my energy and I'm not sure if its helping the weight loss or not.  I ready an article about how it helps you lose weight... if you take at least 2000 iu a day.  Plus since I knew I was low on Vitamin D... it has helped in not feeling so tired.

Overrall this past week, I think I got an A-.  :)

Now for this coming week..... keep up the same momentum!  Same goals and hopefully lose 1.5 pounds

Hope everyone else has had a great weekend!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Self Sabo? Or just lazy... Gotta stop the excuses

Lets keep it real... the last few weeks have been rediculous!  I realize as I get to a low for myself on the weight front, that I go and sabotage myself for some reason.  I don't know why either.  I really need to pull myself out of this and stop repeating the cycle.  I hate being this way.  The only good thing about this blogging and reading other peoples journies is its keeping me in check for the most part.  Otherwise I'd be back up to 220 again.  Even with the band.

No official weigh in again this week because we haven't had a chance to unpack all things but we got a lot done yesterday.  I did weigh myself to see where I was and I was back up to 211.  I hate that I gained back the 3 pounds I had lost just like that.  But who's to blame for it, ME.  I put all the bad food in my mouth.  Add in last week..... I've been doing pretty good with getting walking in at work of 90 minutes a week.  But then I had a few days in a row where I went on a Sweet Binge.  Yes... a binge.  I mean I literally within 2 hours ate like 6 mini-sugar frosted cookies, 1 snickers bar, 1 cookies and cream hershey's bar and who knows how many Dove chocolates.  I knew something was wrong with that........

I lost my pedometer...... actually my 3 year old did.  He got in my purse and dumped it and put it somewhere.  Found it yesterday under our couch in the livingroom.  My Polar HRM still is in its box... inside another box.  I will be pulling it out this week.  I also got my 2 Jillian Michael's dvd's in the mail.... thank you again Sarah!  I will be using them... making sure I have some hand weights in my closet.  Will eventually get a kettle ball.  I'm very excited... and kind of scared of Jillian Michaels!  Haha.

Outside of seeing that number, I did have two people who haven't seen in a while say I looked like I lost a lot of weight.  Even though I technically haven't in months.  But maybe its inches.

Yesterday me and the hubby got a lot done at home.  Unpacked quite a bit, hung up pictures.  We finished unpacking.  Finished my daughter's room and Snuk's bedroom.  I am so sore from working on the house all day yesterday.  Still quite a bit to do but its almost back to being normal again.  Next step is going through all things and getting rid of crap.  Like a ton of old clothes I never wear! 

And next...... my daughter will be having her first practice for softball this Thursday.  She's never done any sports, so lets hope she has some natural talent.  LOL. 

Anywho... the goals for this week:  Stay under calorie goal for day, get in 120 minutes of exercise this week and get water in every day (even on weekends).  I gotta get back to where I was quickly!  And keep moving forward!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alright, alright, alrightttttt...

So Valentine's Day was great... no flowers, cards or teddy bears.  But its all good because my Hubby does this every year and I told him he didn't have to this year.  Because this year I did it for him.  I got him a gorilla sitting on this box with "love" and "kiss" written on it and it was filled with chocolates, chocolate covered pretzels, caramel popcorn, cookies, etc.  He loved it!  And felt extra special.

Outside of that... we went rollerskating last night and out to dinner with my bestfriend and her boyfriend.  Wooo... it was definitely noticeable that I hadn't been skating since early December.  My legs were burning so bad and I was out of breathe.  It was adult skating night too and they had a deal for Valentine's Day, buy 1 get 1 free for admission.  Awesome!  After that we headed out to dinner, after the dinner rush.  Ate some mexican... at least I attempted to.  I ordered fish tacos and they had this mango sauce on the side, I thought it would be sweet since the sauce name included "mango".  NO!  I about died.  I usually can handle spicy food, but this was a whole other level.  I think it may have had some habernaro in it.  That ruined the first taco after one bite (and yes, I took a big ol' bite and swallowed it).  Went for taco number two... got to half way on it.  Very plain tasting and not what I was hoping for.  Blah food all the way around.  Very disappointed and it takes a lot for me to say that about food.

In my doggy news... Booger got nuetered last week, along with vaccinations, nail clipping and microchipping.  He's done well.  Funny thing... when the kids seen him and looked at where is boy parts were, my oldest said it looked like they were deflated.  Then my daughter goes "so they let all the air out of them?".  Hahaha... I love kids. 

He was doing great afterwards, but then two days ago started this hacking cough thing.  He was up all night with it.  So we took him to the vet yesterday.... they said it was either allergies or kennel cough.  So they gave him a shot of cortizoid and antibiotics.  If its allergies... the hacking should decrease by today, otherwise its kennel cough.  And since then... his hacking/coughing has stopped a lot.  Very minimal.  It makes me feel much better for my boy.  Outside of that, the vet said he was very healthy all the way around.  And his incision from his surgery was healing up nicely.  Definitely feeling much better. 

Here's a pic of him yesterday morning....... laid out after being up all night coughing.

In the meantime, still have lots of unpacking and organizing to do this week.  The house looks a hot ass mess!  And its driving me nuts but I also have to pu tin a lot of time at work this week.  Hoping we can get things back in order. 

Also, I found out that Kevin Hart is coming to Austin.  I'm so excited.  Waiting to buy tickets this Friday.  This is my husband's favorite comedian.  He is pretty funny....... and it looks like a no go on Drake concert.  I'm okay with that. 

On the food front... I'm doing great so far this week.  Some set backs yesterday with all the damn chocolate candy deliveries.  LOL.


Monday, February 13, 2012

MIA for a bit...

Been gone for a minute, even on MyFitnessPal.  Been sick, then add in moving.  Its just thrown a lot off for me. 

So no weigh in this week.... everything is still packed down and well I can even admit I ate nothing but fast food from Wednesday until about yesterday due to stress and this moving crap.  We found out last Thursday we had to be in our new apartment and out the other one by today.  I'm basically exhausted from packing up, moving and cleaning...... and now to unpacking.  Add on being sickly.

I'm back to working and hoping that things get back into normal mode.  I got my Polar HRM in the mail last week and I'm making sure to eat good things again this week.  Plan is to detox my body from all the horrible crap I ate last week.  Get back into the groove of things, plus get more exercising in.  With all the unpacking to do, I'm sure that exercise will help.

Plus I have lots of overtime to do at work...... I'm so behind from being off for 2 days.

BTW... no cable or internet until tomorrow.  I guess thats a good thing?  Laters.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weigh In for 2.6.12

Alright... so the reality!  Ahhh!  Last week I did GREAT on my water intake (minus the weekend).  I really need to work on getting water in every single day but I managed to get in 72 to 96 ounces every day.  Yay me!  On the exercise front... not as much as I wanted but I did manage to get in 90 minutes last week.  Which was broken up with walks at work on my breaks and one fun dog walk!  I'm moving a little more. 

Now to the not so good news.... food intake.  I did well overall for the week minus 1 day where I went wayyy over on calories.  We ate lots of frozen appetizer type of things.  Not good and add in they have high sodium.  So I really went over sodium intake 2 times this week.  So now to the weigh in.

Weigh-In:  209.4

So yeah, up 1 pound.  Not proud of it but I know what I did this past week to cause it.  So gotta get back in gear this week.  Also I reviewed my pedometer website... and my step goals this week are to do at least 6,250 regular steps and half of that as aerobic steps.  Which means I need to get out there and walk for real!  Here's hoping for good weather and if not, heading down to the gym. 

Need to focus!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Internet = Boring, Life Lately

I'm feeling pretty good today.  At work, but its okay.  I've been quiet lately and I don't know why.  Am I bored with the internet?  Probably.  Considering I've been on this thing hard core since 1999.  Running a fansite and part of messageboards, social sites, etc.  Now I'm like blah.  Not sure if its because I'm older or what.  I don't get on Facebook much these days.  I check but really don't post.  I kind of feel like I have nothing to post about.  I'm not up for entertaining others.  Plus, life seems really boring to me right now.  All I'm doing is working and going home.

Which then got me to thinking about how I haven't had no one-on-one time with friends or done anything fun in a while.  Main reason I want to go to the Drake concert.  Trying to wait it out to get the tickets.  Hoping the prices drop down because folks are CRAZY.  This is Drake!  And they paid $79.95 for the ticket originally and want $250-$500.  Uggghhh.... NO!  I'll get our tickets... plus I'm cheap.  But I admit I have fear I'll mess it up for me and my girl.  I will put this in God's hands... cause reality is, we have worked hard and not done much.  Plus last we concert we went to was Nelly in 2006 in Houston.  We had a blast.  Thats probably where Nelly came into the equation in my dream.  Haha.

Outside of that, at home... we're preparing for our move.  The house looks strange with all the stuff off the walls.  We have white marks all over the walls to cover stains by the kiddos.  I just can't wait to get the moving done.  I hate moving.  I even admit last night when I took the dog out for a walk, I creeped by our new apartment to get a view.  Just curious.  Can't wait, I will also be closer to the apartments gym. 

Ohhhh and I got tickets for me and the hubby to go see Daniel Tosh in April.  Thats our anniversary present.  We both love his crazy comedy and of course we watch Tosh.0. 

As for the weight front... not sure how the scale will look tomorrow.  I know I had like 1 bad day of going over calories for the day and at least 2 days of high sodium intake.  But I have been getting my water in, so hopefully it clears out.  Gotta get the food choices in check asap.