Sunday, February 25, 2007

Movin' On...

Well for those who don't know by now, I am moving to Houston in TWO WEEKS! Yes, thats correct. I managed to get two job offers in a week and well its time for me to spread my wings and do new things. (Hey that Anywho, for those who may be misinterupting things...its for ME and my kids on why I decided to make this move. I've been in Austin since 1998 and I'm ready for changes plus at this new company I'm makin' some bigger dolla's...and feel like I can make some moves to make more money.

I'm very excited and even the kiddos are ready for this. I will miss all my people in Austin, but you know I ain't that far my fam is still here so I will be making trips every now and then to visit. Ohhhh Amber, most likely for ME please throw one of your fabulous

Outside of that...I've just been working, doing my school thing and handling my business. Watch out HOUSTON!

Friday, February 23, 2007

New and Fresh...

Had to get rid of all the old shit that reminded me of all the bullshit before. But for all my REAL friends out here, I appreciate everything. You listen to me, your there for me no matter what. Just know I value you all of you. HUGS!