Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weigh In for 10.30.11

Weigh-In:  213.2

So weighed myself this morning and down 0.2 lbs of what I gained back last week.  Crazy!  I did well this week on my water intake, made sure to get in 72-96 ounces every single day.  Happy to see I did stick to that this week (minus the weekend).  I do admit I did go over my on calories by about 97 on Friday.  Uggh but it was our family Halloween party night.  Lol.  

I did notice that on the weekends, for whatever reason I barely eat anything.  Weird since all during the week, its all I think about.
I am happy that I'm sticking to things during the week but I can admit, I've been VERY snacky.  All of the candy around the office and then when I get home... I'm searching for chips or whatever.  I don't know why because I feel full from dinner.  So I know its all head hunger.  Well really, maybe I do know the why.  I guess a lot of underlying stress from the relationship issues is finally catching up.  

I did no exercise this week, no excuse really.  Just a lot of OT . The good thing on that is that the boss sent out an email on Thursday saying their cutting our OT back to only 5 hours a week.  That means I'll be able to get out of work by 5pm every day (basically its forcing me to go home) and it means I have no reason not to do some type of exercising now (like I did before).

In other good news, I was invited to a Mini-Boobs meet up with fellow LapBanders who reside in the Texas region.  So excited!  Its November 12th and I am going to meet up with other LapBand Ladies who are doing what they should with this band.  Truth is, I need this... I need to see the results in person, I need to hear them in person to realize its REAL!  I am hoping I find some re-newed inspiration and motivation.  And maybe I need some damn tough love from them to kick my ass into doing the right thing and losing the weight I have been wanting to lose all along in the past 2 years.  I can't wait to go.... 

Goals for this Week:  Get in 72-96 ounces of water every day (even on the weekend), stay under calorie goal (so I can lose at least 1 whole pound of what I gained back), and EXERCISE >> walking 3x this week for 1 hour (gotta get that sweat out).


Amanda said...

Oh you'll have fun with all those girls! I love them all very much!

Good goals for the week too!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Glad to hear things are falling into place. That stupid head hunger is terrible. I deal with it from time to time and to be honest its gotten easier to manage. Its a lot of mental on your part of avoiding things but some things are just bigger triggers for me so I have to avoid them at all cost. But the concept of me asking if I have enough calories in my day to have that "extra" or really asking if I am hungry has been working for me. I noticed the same thing on weekends that I barely eat, actually have to force myself to eat when during the week sometimes all I think about is food and whens the next time I am going to eat LOL
I am really hoping to meet up on Nov. 12th, should be fine, and I checked it out it makes more sense for me to just drive to Waco from Houston.

Andrea said...

Yay...I'm so excited to meet you!!!

trisha said...

keep it up girl! you've got some great goals for this week and i know you can achieve them!!

Ronnie said...

Can't wait to meet you, girlie! Keep fighting the good fight... maybe one day I'll take my own advice. ;)