Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blah Mood, Flag Foooozzball...

I've been in a kind of blah, funky mood lately.  I've been working a lot more... for me at least.  Some times I feel like I'm a workaholic or something.  But I keep pushing myself to do these extra hours to get that check.  I hate being broke and believe, I've been there... down and out and struggling so hard.  Its really the worst feeling.

I also realized that I like to work out and want to do it... and because I haven't since I've taken off due to my leg/knee issues... maybe I feel a bit lost.  Its like boring not doing it.  I don't want to sit on the couch watching reality TV anymore.  Well wait...... lets be real, I do like my reality TV but I don't want to wait on that to come on out of boredom.  I like it be recorded, waiting for me to watch it.  And since I haven't been working out and just kind of veggin' out on the couch......... I watch it, then I'm bored.  Lol.  It all runs together.

In the end though... I think my leg is rested enough to start walking again on the treadmill and doing the elliptical but I won't be as hardcore as I originally was.  Good news this week... since I have stuck with the water intake and eating sensibly for the most part, I am down 1 (point .) 4 pounds.  Yay!

Aries from his first year of Flag Football, 2009.
IN OTHER NEWS >>> The kids finished their 1st week of school.  And all is well so far.  My oldest son has fees due for choir participation and will be doing a fundraiser.  Gotta take that to work... hopefully I can get folks to buy since I have bought for their kids all these years.  A-money will be starting his NFL flag football in the next few weeks, along with my nephew and oldest niece.  Can't wait for that to begin.  Aries has been doing this for the past 3 years.  Then the plan is to start football with his middle school once he hits 7th grade. 

Upcoming things..... Hubby and A-money are attending UT's first game for their season next weekend.  We got a good deal on some tickets and took advantage of it.  Then Hubby and I are attending the Lil' Wayne concert in San Antonio the following week.

So thats about it....... this past week.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kris, Snuk's issues and other thangs...

Ahhhh...the joys of motherhood.......

So I tell the girl today while on our way home... that I'll get her some snacks for snack-time at school.  Since then she has harassed about going to the store.  Then, she puts her twinkle toe shoes on and is waiting for me.  I never said I was going tonight.  Now she's crying.  Sorry Nat-Nat.

Then there's this Kris dude.... apparently my son's name that he has chosen for others at school to call him is Kris.  Umm... his name is Aries.  Middle name is Tremaine.  No where is there Kris involved.  We ask where that name came from.  He says he just likes that name.  I ask him if kids are just calling him that or something, he says no, he told them to call him that.  WTH? **side-eye**

Then add in David to this equation, he's now referring to him as Kris.  Aries is telling Brayden to do something... and David is telling Snuk not to let Kris talk to him like that.  LOL.  Oh and I got to watch David flat iron one of his mannequin heads that has hair like Naty's... he was so proud to be able to use a round brush and blow dry it out straight.  Niceee...

Snuk hates bed time.... he screeches, hollars, throws his body down to the floor.... stomps, even gets on all fours and hits his head on the floor.  Why?  He's crazy...  He's now peaking through the door to come out.

And now its time for me to watch The Bad Girl's Club - New Orleans.  Yes, I watch this shit.  Don't judge me.  :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School!

So I stayed home today so that I could see the kiddos off to school.  Mainly my baby girl since she would be attending a different school.  Luckily she has her older cousin there to help her around.  She was very excited. 

Here is her outfit for the day... and backpack.  Had to get her a dark backpack since she is kind of rough on things.  And I know if we got her the pink one, it would have been dirty looking on day 1!  And then some twinkle toes (the tops light up).  She loves them!  And little brother was walking around in them trying to get the lights to go off.

So Dad braided her hair.  He did mini-braids.  Unfortunately, she has finer hair than most so they don't last as long as we would like.  His plan was for at least 2 weeks.  We're on day 2 and I'm not sure it will make it to the weekend, but it will have to.

So check her out... she was ready to go!  So was Snuk... he just wanted to leave in general.

The rest of the day, it was just me and Snuk hanging out.  He was actually very well behaved.  Considering.  I should have shown you all what he did the week before.  I don't know why I didn't post that.  Lets just say he's living up to the terrible 2's.

I'll show you below the picture of what Brayden did last week...

David also happened to cut our oldest hair.  Check it out, can you figure it out whats on the back of his head???  Haha... He's definitely gifted and talented with clippers and hopefully scissors soon.  He found out the bad news about going to cosmetology in Texas.  Means he can't use a razor... since he's not going to school to be a barber.  I just figured it was all the same.  And if he uses a razor, he can be fined money.  That sucks.  He was a bit disappointed by that, but heard something may change later down the road with being a hairstylist & barber at the same time.  Who knows.

Outside of this... school went well for all the kiddos, including David's... he had his first test today and got a 100.  Whoop whoop!

And for your viewing pleasure... Brayden's most recent mischievous moment.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Semi-Rested, Kind of Want to Get Back to Routine and Bratty Kiddos

So I've basically taken about 2 weeks off from doing any major exercises.  Since then my leg/knee has been a ton better.  But I noticed last night my knee was aching after some walking we did around Walmart.  Had to get some last minute things for my junior high kiddo.  I just took some Ibuprofen and elevated my helped.  I don't think I did anything too bad to my knee.  I'm starting to think it was my knee more than a shin splint.

However the good news is I've managed to drop 2 (. point) 4 pounds of the stuff I gained back the week before.  I've done bad on my water intake this week - I got most of it in but had some off days and it was hard for me to get it down like I had done before.  Outside of that I did pretty good on staying under my calories.  Especially since I knew I would not be doing any major work outs.  I want to start doing the treadmill this week but I'm afraid it may be too soon to work out on my knee again.

So goal this coming week is maintain staying under calorie intake, get my 64+ ounces of water in daily and try to get in 35 minutes of cardio at least 3 times this week.  So thats 105 minutes of exercised planned for this week.  I figure starting out slow and not so intense like I did last time...... won't hurt my limbs again. :)

I'll post tomorrow with some 1st day of school photos.  Laters.

Plus this past week I've been staying until 7pm or later working late.  I knew I needed a good check with the kids going back, etc.  So I've been really exhausted off that.

The kids start back to school tomorrow.  My oldest, who is starting middle school has been acting majorly bratty.  I don't know why.  I just want to slap him.  For real.  I can't take snotty kids with attitudes... and thats how he's been acting lately.  He gets mad if we ask him to do any chores, help with is siblings, etc.  I know its a bit overwhelming but he needs to understand how much we all do in this family.  Its not like he doesn't get to do things as a kid.

I'm off tomorrow to see the kids off to their 1st day of school.  I'll post again then with some pictures.  Yay!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Poor food choices

Horrible gain for this week but I did it to myself.  I knew the food choices I was making for dinner each week and I totally ate it....... even with guilt.  I did good during the day for breakfast and lunch but come dinner, it was all over with.

Fact is, I need to come to terms that I can't have certain things if I'm in the middle of weight loss mode.  No cheats, no food prizes for having a good week.  Nada.  It only sets me back to square one.  And thats what happened this past week.

I wish I could say I was disappointed but I know the truth, I did this.  Now I have to stop this madness NOW! And stop being weak behind food.  I feel like I'm a prisoner of food and I have to learn to control it and not let it control me.

Truth is, to lose weight its 80% diet and 20% exercise.  So no matter how much I exercise, it won't make up for the bad food choices. 

So onto to a new week to lose back the weight I gained plus some. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Time Out!

After trying to stay up with the August challenge, I have to pull out.  I did it on the very first day, hurt my freaking left leg.  I'm guessing its a shin splint even though I haven't actually talked to a doctor.  Thats my medical educated guess and I'm pretty sure I'm correct.

I would go to the doctor to officially diagnosis but after reviewing my HSA account funds (after the dentist visit), not enough in there to cover the sick office visit to the specialist.  I basically had an emotional break down yesterday about all of this, mainly because I have a high deductible HSA health plan....  that means I have to first satisfy my $2400.00 deductible before the insurance kicks in at 80/20.  I was seriously crying, which was strange.  I process claims for a living.  I know how this works and what the deal is.  I guess because I know I'm trying to get this weight loss thing going and I feel myself falling back into what I've always done.  Like I said in a previous post >> Losing my mojo.

I've also learned the hard way that I'm 30 years old and I'm overweight, I can't just jump in and do exercises that someone in better shape is doing.  I have to start out slow.... until I build my strength, stamina, etc.  Thats why I hurt myself.  So since I'm waiting on doing the doctor thing, I'm doing the rest.  I had to back out of the August Challenge, which really makes me disappointed and sad (maybe thats why I was crying yesterday) :(

I got me some Ibuprofen and icey-hot for my leg....... I'm going to take a week off from any exercising involving my lower legs.  I will still do some swimming since that's lower impact.  I found some physical therapy exercises I can do on strengthening my calves/shins.  Gonna work on that. 

In the meantime, I've still been getting my water in.... however I can admit we've been eating some not great things.  I'm eating right for breakfast/lunch but come dinner  >> all hell breaks lose.  Gotta get that back under control.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm losing my mojo

Someone help me find it, please!  I'm so exhausted from all the exercising, late nights at work, etc....I'm falling off the wagon again.  I want to stay on, I really do.  I actually feel pretty crappy on the days I don't do anything.  Which is unusual for me.

Also last night, we tried this curry sauce...w/ pork.  I thought it tasted good in the store (you know the samples) and it did but only a little bit.  We made someone for dinner....... too much for me.  I don't think I'll ever acquire a taste for Indian food.  Blech!  Same way I felt about that Greek yogurt.  Just weird aftertastes.  More power to the rest of you who can go there.

At least I tried right?  Hehe.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The "Noooooo" Moment

Yesterday I felt kind of yucky.  Sorry for the TMI but I haven't had my friendly visitor for two months and it decided out of no where to pop up on me on Sunday.  I was good yesterday........then realized after hittin the ladies room up that things occurred.  Womanly problems.  Thank God I had on black slacks... otherwise I would have probably had to put my jacket around my waist like it was high school again (actually I never had this happen in school, just heard of others).  Add on super hardcore cramping, it just sucked.

So I decided to just stay home.

Then David (who doesn't start school until next week) decided we should do the school registration thing, instead of waiting until today.  The idea was to move the kids to the schools my mom is zoned for to make her life easier.  Especially since Naty will be going to school alone this year, at least at my mom's she can ride a bus.  So I knew the schools were closed for transfers, I decided we'll tell them we moved in with the parents.  Yeah, not honest but the only way to have it done (I thought at the time).  Fine, just have to complete this form and get a letter from my mom saying we live with her.  She comes along for the ride up to the elementary school.

We all three get out of the car...

Me:  "Mom, please don't talk when we go in there."
Mom:  "What? Oh get over it, Amanda"
David:  *laughing under his breath*  << because yes, I said that to her.

We get into the office.  Of course all the ladies in the office know her.  She starts in telling the story.  I'm looking at her like shut the hell up.  Then the registrar says she needs mom to add us on the letter (me and hubby).  Then mom goes on to say its just the kids.  I'm shaking my head like nooooooo.  And then the lady asks whats happening.  Then goes on about honesty, etc.  I'm like are you serious?  Then says we would have to do it the right way >>>> transfer request.  Very embarrassing.  Filled out the form and waited to see if she got it.  Luckily, my daughter got in.  However my son will stay at his original middle school.  No biggie since I was mainly worried about Naty.  Just the whole ordeal because my mom likes to talk too much.  SMH.

And proof yet again....... to go the right way about things I suppose.  Or next time leave mom at home. Ha!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

On to the next...

Challenge for this coming week.  I thought this week was a bit hard, not sure how next will go with all this listed below.  Yikes!

AUGUST CHALLENGE WEEK 2: Unleashing the Beast Within!

This is the week two team challenge. This should be done in addition to your normal workout routine. This is a challenge and is not a replacement! If you need a beginner workout please contact your team captain for ideas.

Week Two Daily Exercise Challenge

Day 1 Exercise Challenge - 50 Squat Kicks*
Day 2 Exercise Challenge – 50 Swimmer’s Presses + 1 Extra Mile jog/walk/run *You may use cans of soup or bottles of water if u don’t have weights
Day 3 Exercise Challenge – 50 Situps or Ab Crunches* + 50 Mountain Climbers
Day 4 Exercise Challenge – 3 sets of 21’s + 100 Jumping Jacks *Bicep Curls may be done with cans of soup or bottles of water if you don’t have any weights.
Day 5 Exercise Challenge – 50 Globe jumps + 100 Jumping Jacks + 100 Stair Climbs (jog or run)
Day 6 Exercise Challenge – 40 Shoulder Presses + 1 extra mile + 50 crunches
Day 7 Rest! You deserve it!

Week Two Weekly Team Challenge
Each team must coordinate a 100 mile walk, run, jog outside of their normal running jogging. You will to volunteer how much you can walk. If the team does accomplish the 100 mile challenge they will be rewarded with 5 bonus point. In addition to the 100 mile walk each team member must submit their favorite recipe to the group forum, along with the nutritional value. If someone submits your favorite you must find another recipe to submit.

*Feel free to do these exercises in sets if you are unable to do them all at one time. Please do your best as you are much stronger than you believe.

Please note each week the exercises will increase in difficulty. This will push each team member. Modifications will be provided for those who unable to complete the exercise as intended. Release your potential and it will take you further than you imagined.

>>>>>> So yeah, this is what I have to look forward to on the new challenge for exercises.  Still have to keep up the 64oz water a day and keep under my calorie goal.  BTW, lost 1lb doing this.  And my muscles are still sore everywhere.  But gotta keep pushing.  I think can I tell a difference in my arms somewhat. 

Onto other things ..........  I made a cake for my niece's birthday today.  Just a small family gathering.  She turned 14 on August 1st and we're doing something this weekend.  Check out the pic...

Found some neon food coloring and hooked it up.  Its like 1989 all over again!  Hahaha.  She loves it, her favorite color is green and purple...  same as me.  We had fun creating this fantastic mess yesterday and the cake is Cinnamon Swirl.  No worries, I'll have a small piece but nothing too damaging for the diet.  And the family is gonna do tacos for the night.  My niece doesn't know but I got her a present.  So shhhh.  I hope she'll be excited for what I got her.  I think their really cute.  I'm sure she will be.

Outside of that, I also managed to get my 25 hours of OT in at work.  Something I made a goal for to get us in the right place before school starts.  Another two weeks of hitting 25 hours again coming up.  Then back to my normal schedule.  Especially because Aries and my nephew Avery will be doing NFL Flag Football soon. 

My favorite time of year is coming up........ FALL!  Although its hot as hell here in Texas and will not cool down til like October, I'm still excited.  NFL football is coming back and can't wait to watch the New Orleans Saints play.  Yay!

Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm still here, just working a ton

So I've been working a ton because I want a really good check for back to school shopping.  Or make up for other things.

I've stuck to doing the August Challenge all week like and staying under my calorie goal.  I'm hoping that the scale reflects that because I really feel kind of down in the dumps today.  Just stress at work, people there work my nerves.  Plus I want to stay on track with this, I know it takes time to see the results.  I really want to keep this momentum going.  I notice its not the work out that gets to me, its actually going and doing it.  Because once I'm in work out mode, I have to force myself to stop.  I keep pushing myself.

In the meantime I'm doing good on the water intake as well.  So thats about it for me.  I'll post up the next weeks requirements for the challenge.  And their not good, so scared.  LOL.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Alright, alright, alright

So I've started the August Challenge!  I'm doing fantastic on the water consumption, at least 4-5 cups which are 24oz each.  So thats about 96 to 120 oz of water a day.  I've kind of stopped drinking my apple-cranberry juice (I love this stuff, the Walmart brand too) and again very particular on the taste.  LOL.  I've managed to stay under my calorie goal for the past 2 days and I'm getting in my exercises noted in the previous post.

Outside of that I managed to hurt my freaking left leg on the Jumpin Jacks from Monday night.  I believe it was a shin splint.  I've rested, had hubby massage it and now it feels a ton better.  I was limping around work all day yesterday. LOL. far so good.

In other news, hubby starts school very soon.  He's so excited.  I am too for him.  Plus I realized I get some free goodies out of this deal too.  Like facials, toes/nails done.......I'm holding off on the hair because I'm not sure on that part. LOL.  Don't get me wrong.... He's great with doing haircuts on ethnic hair but he needs to learn techniques on cutting other hair. 

We also managed to get the kids school supplies and clothes already.  Just have to pick up some shoes for them and their all set.  I've been busting my butt at work to put in as many hours to have the extra money to cover all this, on top of working out and trying to get on this weight loss train.

Then we hit up the pool Saturday with the kids for a few hours.  That was nice and it tired them all out.  Me too.  David and I also went to Schlitterbahn with some friends (adults only) on Sunday.  That was awesome!  I was like a little kid.  I had a good time.  And no sunburn!

Just a little update...........