Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Allergies & the Band

Ahhhh!  My head is about to freakin' explode!  I can't take no more of these allergy issues.  I feel like I have body aches but I don't... its all connected to the allergy/sinus issues.  And it really is messing with my band.  I can barely eat.  It feels clogged or something.  I drank some coffee this morning, hoping the warmness would break things up.  But then it feels like I can't breathe (unsure if thats my asthma, already took some hits off my inhaler). 

Although I love the season of Fall, I hate the allergens that come with it.  I went home early yesterday because as the day went on, I began to feel even more crappier.  That didn't help.  Still feel shitty.

And today's Fall Elm is even higher than yesterday..... I need to be at work.  I almost called in.  But I need to be here.  I need the hours.  I can't get sick.  Also... I hope this drainage doesn't mess up my appointment next week to get my fill.  I know I don't want to make it tighter if its already tight from all this but what happens once this goes away?  I'm feeling loose again and still need my fill. 

Going to hit up Walgreens for some Tylenol Severe Sinus & Congestion.... I hope this does the trick.

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