Chapter 1: About Me


Hello, my name is Amanda, I am 34 years old.  I am married and have 3 children (2 boys and a girl).  I work full time for an insurance company, specifically working in Long Term Care claims.  I was born and raised in California, Nevada and then my family eventually moved out to Texas.  I have lived in the Austin area since 1998.

I have various interests.  I grew up on the west coast and have been raised to be very open to all things.  I love the entertainment part of astrology.  And would say, my characteristics are pretty close to the whole astrological sign of Sagittarius. 

I am pretty optimistic and look for the best in people.  I really don't drink alcohol (never been drunk in my life, maybe a little tipsy) and the reason for that I don't like headaches or throwing up.  I don't smoke cigarettes, however everyone around me does so I'm sure I will probably be the one that gets emphysema, COPD (already have asthma issues) and probably end up with lung cancer, haha.  Although I am quiet at first, I have learned over the years to be very vocal on issues I feel strongly about.  I have no problem speaking up when needed.  I am very much about being honest.  I don't have it in me to lie because well I'm not good at it and my face/body language always tells the truth. 

My thing is seriously the motto "honesty is the best policy".  You are your word.  I seriously wish nothing the best for people, this includes any one who has done me over.  I'm not good at holding grudges.  Although I can be a spit-fire and go off on someone close to me, once I air out what's on my mind and if that person apologizes and genuinely means it...I'm over it.  I don't forget but I'm ready to move on and be good again.  To me, holding onto anger, resentment and negative thoughts regarding whatever someone has done to you....only holds you captive by holding onto those feelings.  Not that actual person who did it.  And believe me, even the ones who did the hurting...if they haven't apologize yet, have moved on and could careless about you.  So why let them have that control over you?  Life is too short to be filled with all of those negative feelings.     

So this is just a little bit about me...

With regard to this blog, it was started initially to just vent about things in my life back in my early 20's.  I have all of my blog posts from 2007 going forward, I hold no shame in anything I put out there for the public to see because again I am about being honest.  That means revealing the good, the bad and the ugly...even if it leaves me vulnerable.  Lately this blog has been used more so as documentation of my weight loss journey --- and even my life events currently in raising my children and being married.