Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm a Funky Unchunky Monkey >>> The August Challenge!

So I signed up for MyFitnessPal last weekend.  I find it to be a lot better than SparkPeople.  Just easier to navigate, easier to find foods when logging my food intake, etc.  Anywho, they have a really great forum (aka message board, aka community).  So they do tons of challenges to support each other.  I knew for me to stick to actually working out, watching my food intake, water intake, etc....I would have to sign up for one of these things.  Mainly because now I'm not only accountable for my own weight loss, but whatever I do effects a team of 20 other people.  So I'm on board and it starts on Monday.  I'm on the team Funky UnChunky Monkeys.  Check out the cool little siggy ^^^ for the forum.  I'm ablake80.  Gotta do my before photo for it...... My weight as of this morning is 217 lbs.  Eww.  Yeah, I gained and I know its mainly due to the calorie intake versus burning it up. 

I'm actually excited to do this.  This past week kind of got me a little prepared.  I've logged my food every day, logged my water intake.  I'm not going over my calories, but only because the exercise I've done is allowing extra calories and I've ate them.  It has helped me recognize I need to get it under control.  I am proud that I have been drinking between 80-100 ounces of water each day.  That is a huge improvement for me.  Mainly considering I don't drink water.  I do know for fact, I can't do the tap at my house.  It has a funny metal after taste.  Eww.  So I told hubby we have to get bottled water.  And done.

Next, instead of eating lunch from the cafeteria at the job (although priced at 2.00 per meal), I need to bring my own lunch.  I know what they serve is very high in calories, fat, etc.  So I purchased some Lean Cuisines to start with.  We'll see how those work for this week, as well as with my Special K Protein Bars.

So here is the challenge.....

This is the week one team challenge. This should be done in addition to your normal workout routine.  This is a challenge and is not a replacement!

Week One Daily Exercise Challenge
Each team member that completes their daily exercise challenge receives one point, if all team members complete each daily exercise for all 6 days the team is then awarded an additional 5 Bonus Points.

Day 1 Exercise Challenge - 100 Jumping Jacks*(see below)
Day 2 Exercise Challenge – Walk, Run or Jog 1 Mile (extra)
Day 3 Exercise Challenge – 50 Situps or Ab Crunches*
Day 4 Exercise Challenge – 40 UP and Downs *
Day 5 Exercise Challenge – 25 Pushups *
Day 6 Exercise Challenge – 25 Squat Lunges*
Day 7 Rest! You deserve it!

Each team member in order to get the weekly team bonus points must all log every day and not go over their target calories and log at least 64 oz. of water each day. If each team member does this all 6 days your team will be awarded 5 Bonus Points.

So let the fun begin? Hehe.  Lets see how this goes.

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Lisa said...

sometime challenges like that are exactly what we need to lite the fire under our butts. :)

- Lisa