Friday, July 22, 2011

Why the hell not - BYOC!

It’s BYOC day! Bring Your Own Crazy! We answer a few questions to get to know each other better and to give our blog brains a break! Copy and paste to your own blog and enjoy!!

1. Alright – forgive me – we’re gonna get a little personal here. I was flipping through my organizer and saw in big bright letters “ANNUAL PHYSICAL DUE” coming up soon. Then I remembered that last year my lady bits doc said that since I haven’t had a bad pap in so many years – that I don’t have to come back for another 3 years if I don’t want to. What the what? Did you guys know that? 

No speculum in the vaginulum?

Anywhoozle – it sounds all good but really – do any of you follow this medical rule? Do you go every three years if you’ve never had a bad pap?

I go once every year.  This is a first hearing the every 3 years.  Sounds like the rule for cats getting vaccinated.  Funny since a cat is associated with females parts.  LOL.  I have to go every year though, I've had paps come up with issues and in the past had to have cancerous cells removed.  I don't fear the speculum or OB.  She's my fave doctor anyways.

2. If you read, what are you reading right now? Or how about what is your fave music right now? 

No reading.  Unless you count my LTC : Understanding Needs and Options book.  Lol.  Which I haven't picked up in over a week.  I need to get back on it so I get this damn designation done.

Fave music - I'm falling back in love with music again.  Love DRAKE so much right now and he has some leaked tracks out, check out Marvin's Room and Trust Issues.  I am also enjoying Miguel, his voice reminds me so much of Jon B.  Then add in some Lil Wayne since he just released his latest mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait.  By the way....going to see Lil Wayne in concert in September.  Whoop whoop!

3. Name some of your favorite smells.

My Victoria Secret Vanilla spritz.  My youngest son's hair - I always sniff him and now have him sniffing me.  Fresh clean towels and my big ol' furry blanket.

4. Showers or baths? Shampoo only or shampoo & conditioner? Shave daily or just when you start feeling and looking like an ape?

Showers.  I used to do the shampoo and conditioner, but with my shorter hair it makes it so greasy with the conditioner.  Especially when I straighten my hair out.  So lately I'm just doing the shampoo only...every other day.  Shave when I feel like it for the legs.....every other day for the arm pits.  But I'm not that hair anyways and since I have wore mainly pants for the past 15 years, its like hair stopped growing in places on my legs.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blogland.

In Real Life - Well actually.........I have in previous posts about whats happened this week.  The good news of the day is that hubby took his car to be assessed by our car insurance.  We have a $500 deductible and since there small scratches on the doors from the broken glass........they said we could fix it and pay the whole deductible or take $220 off.  We figured the scratches would be fine and took the money off the in total, we'll be paying $280 to get both windows replacement, as well as re-tinted.  The inside still will all be fixed too.  Definitely some relief.

As for the went by so fast.  Just been really pushing out processed claims this week.  Still behind << I hate it but almost seeing the light.

Plan was to go to Dallas this weekend for my cousins babyshower but will be staying in town.  Excited to see my older nephew though.

In Blog Land - Just stalking fellow lapbanders blogs.  I need the motivation to get me kick started on the weight loss again.  I love the commitment from them and for whatever reason I can't get me to do it.

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