Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why?! And it figures...

The crime scene!
So just as things start to look up!  Bam! My husband's car is broken into?  Or vandalized?  I only question it because the damn person(s) that did it broke both the front windows.  Which makes no damn sense to me if your just trying to steal something.  Fact is, they took really nothing.  Acted like they were gonna steal the stereo but never took the faceplate off.  Took a pack of cigarettes, old (I mean very cd's I've had since I was 16 years old) CD case of cd's and our gate opener to our apartment complex.  What kind of criminal is that?  LOL.

Now yes, I'm laughing.....because what else can a person do.  Doing my best not to really stress.  Just means money that I planned on school shopping for the kids with next week will have to go toward replacing two windows.  Bastards!  The only light in this is that where he parks his car is where the camera is pointed at.  I pray that it is clearly visible on who did this and we eventually get the money back.  If not, we'll make due as always.  People just suck.

My poor hubby feels so violated.  :(  Hahaha...sorry.

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