Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Update!

Brayden chillin in the pool.
The latest on my weekend.........

Well hubby got a check that helped catch some bills up.  He's currently unemployed so its hurt a little on the budget.  We're surviving and this definitely has helped me with my stress.  However most of my stress lately has been work related.  Thats a whole other story.

With the extra money, we were able to go to Houston and visit some family on his side.  Most of his family is in New Orleans or Houston.  So when we found out his nanny (aka aunt, godmother) was coming to Houston, we had to go.  Plus having the extra money helped.  Lol.  It was an unexpected weekend getaway but worth it.  After working 6 hours on Saturday, I needed that.  Sometimes it feels like all I do is work and I get that feeling like "is that all we're supposed to do in life; the cycle of working to pay bills, etc".  So anywho, we did the swim thing for the kids and frying of chicken and other Cajun foods.  I seen a damn water bug out side >> HATE cockroaches and it was jumping (we thought it was a cricket at first).  Ewww ewww ewww...  Just makes my skin crawl.  You really have no idea the fears I have associated with these nasty things. *shivers at thought*

The family played pity-pat, I have no idea what card game that was.  They were actually using quarters and gambling.  I was ready lay it down at about 10pm.  Talk about OLD!  *in my Kinzie voice * WTH J-Si!?  << Sorry, if you listen to Kidd Kraddick you'll know. Haha.  Okay, the truth is I'm not good at staying up late but damn.  I ended up on the couch snoozing while they did their gambling thing with quarters.  Hubby won about 2 dollars! Lol.  We eventually made our way to his mom's house and I was out for the night!

The kiddos when we first arrived at the zoo.
The next morning, actually this is something I had already planned in my head.  But I wanted to do something while were there, not just sit up in someone's house chilling.  No offense to my husband's family, but I could seriously do that at home.  Obviously everyone is invited to attend.  And of course, the remarks of it being too hot are put out there.  I don't care!  I wanted to do something but mainly that.  Plus I knew the kids would love it.   It was VERY hot but oh so worth it.

The kids enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it.  David hated it.  You should see the pictures.  LOL.  He says its because when he's hot, sweaty.......he's miserable and its automatic bad mood.  WTF?  Stop being a Debbie Downer...I mean David Downer.  I <3 animals though.  I do have to say that the Houston Zoo is a very beautiful zoo.  I loved it.  They had this area where you could sit, it was called the reflection pool.  Man, if I didn't have the kids (or David maybe) I would have loved to just sit there and people watch with a big ass ice cream cone.  I definitely plan on going back when its cooler.  Probably in October or November.  I didn't get to see all the big cats.  And I love kitties.  After about 3 and a half hours we decided to leave and get something to eat.  Hit up Denny's.  Natalya got sick due to the heat.  Even with all the water we drank.  I felt for her because I had a headache whenever I stopped drinking.  Proof I need to get on the water bandwagon and seriously hydrate myself.

Overall, it was a lovely weekend with the family.  Other cool pics below......


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