Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I got me a grown up purse!

You all have no idea how exciting this is.  Hubby bought me a "just because" present and I absolutely love it.  Now it ain't real fancy but he got me my very first ever Coach purse.  And the inside is purple, my fave color!  Just ecstatic.

Now this may seem so minute to others who have a Coach purse already but seriously as a mother since the age of 19, I have always kind of put me on the back burner when it comes to expensive items for myself.  I know it shouldn't be such a big deal or even a factor of who I am.  But seriously, even I still compare myself to others and the things they have.  I hate to admit that but thats the truth.

So here's a picture of it...hopefully soon I can get a matching wallet.

I do have to admit, I feel all grown up with this purse.  Crazy since I'm freaking 30 years old.  Usually I would walk around with a Walmart purse, not that there is anything wrong with them because I got by with those all these years just fine.  And even then I'd still get me one from there if its cute and I like it. 

I <3 my David.

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