Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Alright, alright, alright

So I've started the August Challenge!  I'm doing fantastic on the water consumption, at least 4-5 cups which are 24oz each.  So thats about 96 to 120 oz of water a day.  I've kind of stopped drinking my apple-cranberry juice (I love this stuff, the Walmart brand too) and again very particular on the taste.  LOL.  I've managed to stay under my calorie goal for the past 2 days and I'm getting in my exercises noted in the previous post.

Outside of that I managed to hurt my freaking left leg on the Jumpin Jacks from Monday night.  I believe it was a shin splint.  I've rested, had hubby massage it and now it feels a ton better.  I was limping around work all day yesterday. LOL. far so good.

In other news, hubby starts school very soon.  He's so excited.  I am too for him.  Plus I realized I get some free goodies out of this deal too.  Like facials, toes/nails done.......I'm holding off on the hair because I'm not sure on that part. LOL.  Don't get me wrong.... He's great with doing haircuts on ethnic hair but he needs to learn techniques on cutting other hair. 

We also managed to get the kids school supplies and clothes already.  Just have to pick up some shoes for them and their all set.  I've been busting my butt at work to put in as many hours to have the extra money to cover all this, on top of working out and trying to get on this weight loss train.

Then we hit up the pool Saturday with the kids for a few hours.  That was nice and it tired them all out.  Me too.  David and I also went to Schlitterbahn with some friends (adults only) on Sunday.  That was awesome!  I was like a little kid.  I had a good time.  And no sunburn!

Just a little update...........

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