Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Work in Progress

Someone asked me this week, Amanda have you lost weight?  I wish.  I started back up on the weight loss thing a week ago.  So far, I am drinking at least 2 full glasses of water a day....and I have done it every single day (except at home).  Which is good for me.  Believe, I don't do the drinking water thing.  Next step this week is to increase it to 3 glasses a day and even do it on the weekends at home.  Outside of it, I have also been eating my protein meal bars.  I love those Special K Almond Honey.  Mmmmm.  That has helped curb the grazing through the day.  And working in my department, with the stress I'm under and all the freaking sweet foods that sit on the LTC can't help but stay fat! 

Next, I have cut all my portions down.  My husband usually cooks dinner and plates the food.  He's still in the habit of serving a ton on my plates.  I even admit that I was clearing off the entire plate.  No going back for seconds but cleaning it off (in the past I would have finished it and gone back for seconds or thirds).  But even then I knew this is wrong.  So after reading some thing a person that stayed in my mind was that just because I can eat more than a cup, doesn't mean I should.  So I'm working on that part.  Each time my husband's plates my food, I'm cutting it in half.  A taste of everything.  And its working so far.  I believe I'm staying full for at least 4-5 hours, so the band is working but its that mental hunger.  I wish I could kill that guy! Mental Hunger I mean.

I weighed myself this morning, I guess Wednesdays will be weigh in day for me since that's when I re-started.  I am down 1 pound.  It counts for something.  As for the exercise part, I had such great plans of swimming 3 times a week and then doing some strength training opposite that.  I haven't done it yet.  I just gotta get my mind right when it comes to that part.  All I need to do is at least 30 minutes of working out, I don't have to be a gym rat or anything.  Just do something.  I know if I was working out, I would probably be losing more. 

Other things I'm learning about myself is to finally NOT be afraid to do things alone.  That has been my revelation this year.  Understanding that it is okay to do things by myself and actually enjoy it.  Somewhere down the line I've managed to become this person that don't or WON'T do anything unless I have another body with me.  For instance, I wouldn't go get my nails or hair done because I don't have any friends to do this with.  Or I don't want to go shopping or go to the store unless my husband or a friend is there.  Hell I wouldn't even dare try going to eat out alone or seeing a movie alone.  I don't know why I became that way but only until this past year I realized I was doing this.  I don't want to be this way and maybe that was my excuse for not exercising because that was another activity I didn't want to do alone.  Why am I so scared to be alone?  Not sure.  But I want to fix it.  Its been a slow progress but I'm getting better and its time to fix the working out thing.

As always, I am a work in progress.

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