Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I kind of feel like I have nothing new to report.  Lol.  I know there is stuff happening in my life but it feels like things are moving kind of slow.  Alright... lets see...

    Snuk's first day of school.
  • My youngest son started school on Monday, well not officially school but is doing his evaluation with the school district and so far so good.  He's been totally wiped out by the time he's picked up.  They say he's doing very well.  Hopefully I will know something shortly after this week regarding if he will be eligible to go to school come his 3rd birthday in January.
  • I've been dealing with my downstairs neighbors (now really hating living in an apartment) for the past 6 months complaining about us stomping or making too much noise.  First it started with the lady coming up and knocking on our door (mind you, any noise made is during the middle of the day).  Well in the past few weeks they have been banging on their ceiling (our floor) really hard.  I finally had enough because we were really doing nothing and called our office last week.  Then last night, the kids and I just barely walked in the door and my husband tells me they just banged on the ceiling/floor right before we walked in... and all he was doing was chopping up some turkey.  So I called again and the apartment manager came down to talk to them and us.  Basically, they are ultra sensitive... and he hoped that we could work it all out and if not, since we're good residents... he suggested maybe moving us to a bottom unit.  Fine either way... because they will be dealing with it no matter who is above them.
  • Finally I broke out crying yesterday after being ultra pissed off due to a work situation.  I just kind of felt really attacked.  I'm trying to figure out how to cope with people I work with and try not to be as sensitive or take things so personally.  VERY difficult.
  • As for eating... doing pretty good on calorie intake, although I admit... I gave into my snacking the last two nights and had some Snickerdoodle cookies (last of our cookie dough) and chips the night before.  The water intake has been pretty good too... and my sodium is lower.  I got on the scale today... and I'm back in the 209's... here's hoping for a good weigh-in on Sunday.
  • As for this coming weekend... I have a dinner thing for Women Only that I was invited to on Friday with a local church.  Looking forward to that.  Then on Saturday my friend invited the whole family to a Christmas Party that she helps out with every year.  And well no major plans for the birthday... I really don't feel up to it, I guess I feel like its no big thing since I'm only turning 31 years old... and each year I get let down, so its easier to just have no expectations.  Lol.
So thats about it........

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Sam said...

Sounds like your downstairs neighbors should be moved to a top floor apartment, since they are the ones with a problem :o) hope it settles down for you on that front.