Monday, November 7, 2011

Busy Weekend >> Football & Rollerskating!

So here's some fun stuff..... after all of the depressing posts.  But hey, this is my place to vent and even talk about the down in the dumps stuff.  Here I figured I wouldn't be doing much this weekend.  WRONG!  I knew we had my oldest son's Flag Football tournaments, its end of season.  Then add in that I promised the kids (mine and my neice/nephew) that I would take them rollerskating too.  All of these things would occur on Saturday, that was the plan originally.

Friday --- After work, I ended up going grocery shopping with hubby for food for this coming week.  So I did accomplish that part on getting things back on track for the weight thing.  I also had the mentality that I had until Monday to actually do it (bad thinking, I know).  I also forgot to get my food scale (Hubby is getting that for me today).  We ended up going Christmas shopping and getting the expensive stuff for the kids (did layaway at Walmart).  Still have some things to get in the meantime but the major things are out of the way.  Got home about 9:45ish... so late night with not great dinner choices.

Saturday --- Got to sleep in.  That was really nice.  And not feel guilty (since usually I feel I have to go to work on Saturdays).  We went to my oldest son's Flag Football tournament around 1:30ish... my nephew also plays on the same team (the Bucs).  There are 3 games played... and the 3rd game is the winner of the Super Bowl.  Lol.  Well they won their first game against the Cardinals.  My son was quarterback and threw very well for his team... my nephew caught 3 and made touchdowns each time.  They boys then had a one-hour break.  So we hit up McDonald's.  We went to this one that was designed all moddern.  I sat on a stool to my table... to eat.  It was strange for a McDonald's.  And there was a fire place with two metal rocking chairs next to it.  Lol.

We eventually made it back to play the 2nd game against the Bronco's.  However, they couldn't pull it off to win against the Bronco's... so no Superbowl.  :(  But they were okay with it.  Haha.  In the meantime, Brayden had fun running around all the fields and my niece and his Papa Matt spun him around in circles.  It was a really nice day on Saturday.  I think overall, the family had a great time.

Now the original plan was to go rollerskating Saturday night, but that was cancelled when my husband realized that LSU was playing against #2 team Alabama.  We kept going back and forth... but eventually he won.  I know the kids were disappointed but we promised to go the next day.  So hubby and I headed to Buffalo Wild Wings to meet up with fellow LSU fans... it was a sea of purple.  We had a great time... definitely a close game.  I also ate the largest amount of calories at one setting ever since re-starting my weight loss journey.  I am so embarassed and was shocked that one plate could be that many calories.  I went WAYYY over the top...... with the band (and I'm not proud of myself either).

Sunday --- No sleep in time.  Brayden made sure of that.  I woke up to him handing me a baguette of french bread and a plate in my back... telling me "I can't get this open".  Umm... yeah, good cause thats for dinner this coming week.  The older kids ended up staying the night with my parents and went to church that morning.  So we were up about 8am.  Hung out for a bit and the kids all were dropped off with us.   And we were off to rollerskating at Playland Skate Center.  I even brought out my skates from when I was 14 years old. 

The kids had a great time!  My nephew was a little upset because he wanted rollerblades, I said nope use the quads!  David didn't skate... but I did!  We were there for about 2 1/2 hours... and I skated for a majority of the time.  Talk about a workout.  I knew my legs would burn and OMG... did they, its all in your ankles, calves, shins... and then eventually it went up to my hips and lower back.  But after being out there for awhile (I did take a few breaks, but not for too long)... I got used to it.  I had a great time.  I even managed to cross over my feet and ALMOST skate like I used to.  I haven't skated in probably 10 years.  Definitely some good times.  BTW -- no falls from me!  Still got it!  Plan is to back in two weeks on a Saturday night when its more hype!  Check out the pictures below.


Andrea said...

Looks like y'all had fun! That was a good game! Go LSU!

Fat in Suburbia said...

I used to love to skate. I competed on a speed team. Good times.

Ronnie said...

I suck at skating! That would be a great way to get some exercise, and reasonably priced, too. :)