Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weigh In for 11.13.11

Weigh-In:  213.0

So I'm back down by 1.2 lbs this week.  I like to see a loss... hoping I can get back to the 209 I seen a month ago.  Its like I hit the lowest of my lows and then stop.  I hate that.  I also know I am my own worst enemy... and I do this thing where I'm like yes, I did it... and sabotage I suppose.

Time to reflect back on my weekly food:

Monday --- Under calories, was over in sodium by like 400 (Yikes!).  Got in 72 ounces of water for the day.
Tuesday --- Over calories by 61, over sodium by 61.  Got in  48 ounces of water.  Bad day for some reason... it was probably work related.  Lol.
Wednesday --- Under calories, under sodium.  Only 48 ounces of water for the day.  
Thursday --- Under calories (got in 953), under sodium.  Got in 72 ounces of water for the day.
Friday --- Under calories (another day of 948), under sodium.  Got in 72 ounces of water for the day.
Saturday --- Under calories, under sodium.  Not too good on water intake.

I definitely see a difference this past week compared to the prior week.....  Still no exercising yet.  I don't know why I don't want to exercise.  I hate that I feel so lazy. 

I did finally get the food scale, so I'm sure that assisted this past week.  Actually weighing out my food and seeing that some things I was right on with guestimating but others, not so much.  Definitely an eye-opener on the overeating part.

Oh and I also decided to post some new pics under my Weight Photos... I bought some tights (that I wore yesterday) and figured these were good for posting pics of me since its more fitted and I can see my body better.  I'm also going to do measurements today... since its been awhile. 


Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

I love tracking for the purpose obviously of staying accountable but when you lose or gain or even maintain you can go back and see what happened. You did good this week, just keep working on getting that water in!

Ronnie said...

I love tracking, too! I always go back and know what happened... even if I don't want to admit what I did "wrong" on the day of.

I think you'll be back to a new low before you know it. :)