Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good/Bad Things

I figured I'd do an update with the good and the bad things lately...... why not, eh?

  • Good thing - Got my doctor to put in the prescription for Lexapro.  Bad thing - Went to pick it up at the pharmacy and they said it would be $106.00 (for a 30 day supply) due to my lovely insurance.  I told the pharmacist "ohhh no, you can put that back on your shelf.  Like take it out of the bag with my name and put it back for someone else because I'm not getting it today OR later."
  • Good thing - Went to therapy... and basically cried it out all about my freakin' job.  I admit, I feel a bit paranoid by certain people... like their out to get me fired.  Glad I got all the crying and pent up emotions out.  Bad thing - Therapist said I really need to have some meds right now :(
  • Good thing - Talked to my doctor about an alternative med (cheaper) or samples.  No samples since that drug will finally go generic next year and the drug reps are no longer bringing them but I can get this other one called Celexa and its only $3.95.  Bad thing - I'm worried it won't work as fast or well as the brand...... I guess I have to wait and see.
  • Good thing - Found out the new prescription has a side effect of causing weight loss.  Bad thing - Probably won't be an actual side effect for me.  Lol.
  • Good thing - A guy a Walmart yesterday tried to "holla" at me (aka pick me up)... I was walking in and him out, he was almost yelling after me.  Bad thing - He was this old looking  dude... at least 45+ and looked it.  Lol.  I kept walking... a bit faster too and said eww in my head.
  • Good thing - I've actually been doing pretty well on foods this week during the day! And my water intake.  Bad thing - Night time delights (and I mean desserts).  Keep in mind I managed to buy like 4 things of cookie dough... to help the kids in school fundraisers.  As well as Halloween candy (thank God that is gone).
  • Good thing - Got a birthday gift.... a throw with kitties on it (I love cats!).  Bad thing - My birthday isn't until December 5th.  And I'm pretty sure the rest of my department will forget it again, as they have for the past 3 years (by the way, that accounts for why they think I'm still not 30 yet... turning 31 this year).
  • Good thing - Even though I almost exhausted all my PTO from being sick the last month or so... I found out I can borrow from the last PTO I will accrue this year and still take off the week of Thanksgiving!  I need time away from the job, like for real!  Bad thing - Will be at home the entire week with 3 kids alone, ahhhhh! (I do love my kiddos, but not too sure about being with them for a week straight... not sure if thats a real vacation.)
Yeah... overall, not too bad.


Lap Band Gal said...

I want to see pics of the kitteh throw...I puffy heart me some kittehs. Have you seen my cat's blog?

speck said...

Sorry the first prescription was so expensive. Maybe give the Celexa a try? I also like you good/bad style with this post.

Mewizza said...

I can so relate from needing time away from work. I just made a appt to see a therpist due to so many changed in the last 6 months. Glad your getting you meds straight.

Ronnie said...

The generic isn't too bad. I had the same problem with my Lexapro, the insurance didn't want to cover it since it's a narcotic. Sadface.