Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weigh In for 11.27.11

Weigh-In:  210.4

I'm up 1.4 lbs this week.  Crazy thing is I had actually got down to 208.0 as of Tuesday and then it went downhill from that point during the week.  I was off all week long besides Wednesday... I grocery shopped on Sunday and bought snacks (for the kids, hahaha) and I ended up eating the freakin' stuff!  Chips and kettle popcorn.... ahhh!  I did fine all week... until Wednesday.  I didn't eat much of anything, I was starving... and went for a bag of popcorn.  Then Thanksgiving day... I didn't do too bad until I ate that chocolate pie... and I purposely went to my mom's house the next day to eat the last of the pie.  WTF?  I've never done anything like that for food.  Lol.

Lets just say the sodium monster caught up to me from the TWO, yes two grilled cheese sandwiches I consumed Wednesday night, then add in the chips and popcorn over the next couple of days.  I tried to drink lots of water... Haha... good news is that I was originally up to 211.8 so as of this morning it dropped more.  Crazy how our bodies work.

Good thing this coming week though..... back to work and back to getting on track with eating habits.  No more snacking in between meals and I'll be getting my protein in as needed to avoid the snacking.  Also I'm not too far from hitting Onderland, so my goal is definitely to get into the 100's by January 1st... so I really have to focus.  I have 4 more weeks until then.  

You know what else sucks..... On Tuesday when I stepped on the scale and seen 208.0; prior to receiving that number the scale was actually teetering between 198 and 199, and landed on 199.  I knew that wasn't right... and then re-stepped and got my 208 over and over.  I tell you the scale sucks for playing with our minds like this.

Anywho..... on to a better week!


Andrea said...

Yeah it's so hard when you get out of your routine and there are so many good treats around! Just keep pushing hard and we'll both hit our 199 goal by Jan 1st!

trisha said...

your scale is naughty! you need a new one! lol

keep up the conscious effort to make good choices girl.. we're all fighting along with you!! :)

Ronnie said...

Ahh, for the kids. It's a sweet lie we tell ourselves. lol

If you have to eat popcorn, try that 94% fat free kettlecorn kind, it's really good and only 100 calories. :)