Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stress Biting, Crazy Call

Some interesting things lately.  I may lay it out bullet style mid-way through this post.  So I've been pretty stressed out regarding of all things MONEY (the thing most people worry about).  A lot of things have finally caught up to our money situations and well... with the trip hubby took unexpectedly to Houston and having to get him back in school again (there was a fee for that), it kind of set us back a little further. 

I think thats why I've had snacky moments and then add in that I've been chewing the HELL out of my fingernails.  Yes, a bad habit I've had since a kid.  I don't smoke, nor drink (very often) but I will bite my lil' nubs like its nothing.  This is the most recent damage.  Ugghh!  I need to leave them alone.  I haven't bit them this bad in a LONG time.  I bit them so bad it hurts when I type. 

I'm hoping things get better soon.  I'm sure they will.

So yesterday... at work I got a "prank call"... or so I believe that.  It was the strangest and kind of funny thing. 

Me: Long Term Care Claims, Amanda speaking.
Him:  Hi.
Me:  Hello, how can I help you?
Him:  I'm your sex slave for the day.
Me:  Huh?  I'm sorry, who is this?
Him:  Ronnie.
Me:  Okayyy... Ummm.  Whats going on? (very confused at this point)
Him:  Your husband hired a sex slave for you for the day, Happy Halloween!
Me:  What?
Him:  (he laughs)
Me:  I'm sorry, who are you again?

(Hung Up)

Yeah, thats how my day started yesterday.  And unfortunately it looked like he was transferred to my line, so no way of catching the phone number.  Awkward.  Lol.

[EDIT:  Good news... some things came through on the financial front, looks like we'll be okay.  Budget, Budget, Budget!]

As for last night... the family stayed in and it was nice.  Me and the hubby were invited to go out with some friends to downtown Austin.  Lots of people head down to 6th Street and show off their costumes.  Lol.  But we decided to stay in and ended up watching American Horror Story.... very good by the way.


Ronnie said...

Wasn't me, I swear! LOL

Manda said...

Surreeeee... hahaha. You were the first person I thought of when he said that name. LOL.

Andrea said...

LOL @ the call! So random! Glad you got the budget worked out!

trisha said...

i love 6th street.

And I haven't missed an episode yet of American Horror Story! Did you hear they just renewed it for another season?! yay.

your nails LOOKS painful.... i hope things get better for you girl.....