Saturday, November 12, 2011

Going to Waco!

So excited this morning! I'm actually up early, willingly.  Haha.  Gotta get myself dressed since I showered last night.  I'm going to Waco to meet up with fellow BOOBs (or lapbanders) who are in the Texas area.  We're gonna have lunch and who knows what else.  Definitely bringing my camera.  This is gonna be awesome.  :)

I'm so excited to meet other people who are on this journey and have had success with it... and lets be honest, I need some words in person to help me get this motivation in high gear.  I can't wait to meet everyone!

Also, I finally get to meet my friend Sarah after all these years, we originally met off of MySpace back in 2007.  Even while I lived in the same city and never had a chance to meet in person.  So I'm excited to meet her and see how fabulous she looks... because she also had WLS and has lost 120 lbs since.  She is definitely an inspiration that it can be done.  I know she's gonna be all little... lol. 

So off I go... to get dressed.

Have a great day everyone!


trisha said...

awww have fun! take lots of pics! is sarah a blogger?

Michelle said...

have a great visit.

Ronnie said...

Was great to meet you! :)

speck said...


I would love to meet other bandsters as well! I'm so jealous.

Like I told Ronnie, I know y'all have already met up but I am behing with my blogging this past 3-4 days. So I'll be checking out the photos soon.

Glad you got to be a part of this.