Saturday, November 19, 2011

Various Thoughts

Hmmm... I've kind of felt like I haven't had much to blog about lately.  Not sure why.  Lol.  Or I actually was focused on doing work this week.  I'm off for the next week (besides Wednesday for 6 hours) but just happy to have the break from work.  And I've been making sure everything is caught as much as possible on my side.  This is the first time in the 3 years I have been there, that I've been 5 days out on my work.  Typically its 30 days.  I guess now I understand why OT has been cut back (although I hate it and wish I could get more, HELLO! Holidays are here).

The good thing is... so far this week I have been doing pretty good on staying under calories and getting my water in.  No exercising.  Thats one thing I have been thinking about this week...... I hate it.  Lets be real, I hate it with a passion.  I don't want to do it.  Now I know once I actually do it, I get really into it and keep going.  But I just hate the fact of getting going.  Maybe thats it? I don't know, I'm hoping that changes soon.

The other thing is these meds I'm on, its been about a week and a half... and I can say I do feel much better.  It probably has helped in the focus department for work.  And well I really don't give a damn about the people at work or all the other bullshit that was happening.  I guess its what I really needed.  Add in that I think its actually helping with the snacking stuff.  Seriously, I haven't felt the urge to really eat, I just make sure I do eat when its time.  I haven't been snacking at all... and when I looked on the scale yesterday, it was down a pound.  I looked on the scale today..... down another pound.  Hmmff?  Almost back to 209.  We'll see what the official number rings in tomorrow on weigh in day.

So yesterday my baby had her first Thanksgiving play (she's in 2nd grade).  I wasn't able to attend because I was off earlier in the week for things pertaining to Snuk.  Luckily, Dad was there and he took photos for me.  He said it was very cute but also so funny.  She played Indian #3, #7 and #8 (they didn't have enough Indian's).  The kids knocked down their back drops they designed and when it came to her speaking part she was yelling it.  Here are some photos:


As I mentioned previously... I was busy dealing with things for Snuk.  He is currently getting Speech Therapy services through the ECI program.  He has been for over a year now.  We did his yearly evaluation on Monday and the results were VERY interesting.  His speech is right on target! Great news.  But he's fallen behind in his adaptive-self cares and some cognitive things.  His attention span is horrible (yes, you expect that with a 2 year old) but they have observed him through out the year and noticed its very difficult to redirect him compared to other 2 year olds.  I also had a meeting with the school district this week because we are working on transitioning him to school (basically once he hits 3 years old, the school district handles the special education).  He goes for his big evaluation with the school the week after Thanksgiving... and that means he is in the classroom for the entire week, 4 hours a day.  So we'll see how it all goes. :)

As for the rest of this weekend...... rollerskating tonight! And I've convinced my good friend to come with us.  Hahaha.


trisha said...

girl don't ever think you don't have anything to talk about! we all ramble about our "boring old" lives, but that's what blogs are for! :)

SO happy your kiddo is on par for his testing. and LOVE the little indian pics!!

I've been noticing how AWESOME you've been this past week with your cals! Keep it up lady!!

I am so glad the meds are helping, too. Just remember, it may take some tweeking so if you feel it's not doing what it's supposed to after awhile let your doc know!

Andrea said...

I know it's so hard to start exercising, but you just have to find something you enjoy and make yourself until it becomes a habit. Hey...roller skating is exercise!

Ronnie said...

I've been slacking with my exercise here lately, you're not alone unfortunately!

Glad little man is testing well... but I honestly think they expect way too much out of kids these days. Jeez!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

We all don't LOVE working out, I hate it as well but know I have to do it, I can try to talk myself out of it all I want but I force myself to do it at minimum a few days a week, I just tell myself to shut up and do it, 5 minutes in I feel better and glad I decided to work out. The first few weeks are tough but once you get into a habit of putting it in your weekly schedule it becomes routine and habit and you will feel guilty if you don't work out!