Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The "Noooooo" Moment

Yesterday I felt kind of yucky.  Sorry for the TMI but I haven't had my friendly visitor for two months and it decided out of no where to pop up on me on Sunday.  I was good yesterday........then realized after hittin the ladies room up that things occurred.  Womanly problems.  Thank God I had on black slacks... otherwise I would have probably had to put my jacket around my waist like it was high school again (actually I never had this happen in school, just heard of others).  Add on super hardcore cramping, it just sucked.

So I decided to just stay home.

Then David (who doesn't start school until next week) decided we should do the school registration thing, instead of waiting until today.  The idea was to move the kids to the schools my mom is zoned for to make her life easier.  Especially since Naty will be going to school alone this year, at least at my mom's she can ride a bus.  So I knew the schools were closed for transfers, I decided we'll tell them we moved in with the parents.  Yeah, not honest but the only way to have it done (I thought at the time).  Fine, just have to complete this form and get a letter from my mom saying we live with her.  She comes along for the ride up to the elementary school.

We all three get out of the car...

Me:  "Mom, please don't talk when we go in there."
Mom:  "What? Oh get over it, Amanda"
David:  *laughing under his breath*  << because yes, I said that to her.

We get into the office.  Of course all the ladies in the office know her.  She starts in telling the story.  I'm looking at her like shut the hell up.  Then the registrar says she needs mom to add us on the letter (me and hubby).  Then mom goes on to say its just the kids.  I'm shaking my head like nooooooo.  And then the lady asks whats happening.  Then goes on about honesty, etc.  I'm like are you serious?  Then says we would have to do it the right way >>>> transfer request.  Very embarrassing.  Filled out the form and waited to see if she got it.  Luckily, my daughter got in.  However my son will stay at his original middle school.  No biggie since I was mainly worried about Naty.  Just the whole ordeal because my mom likes to talk too much.  SMH.

And proof yet again....... to go the right way about things I suppose.  Or next time leave mom at home. Ha!

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