Sunday, August 14, 2011

Poor food choices

Horrible gain for this week but I did it to myself.  I knew the food choices I was making for dinner each week and I totally ate it....... even with guilt.  I did good during the day for breakfast and lunch but come dinner, it was all over with.

Fact is, I need to come to terms that I can't have certain things if I'm in the middle of weight loss mode.  No cheats, no food prizes for having a good week.  Nada.  It only sets me back to square one.  And thats what happened this past week.

I wish I could say I was disappointed but I know the truth, I did this.  Now I have to stop this madness NOW! And stop being weak behind food.  I feel like I'm a prisoner of food and I have to learn to control it and not let it control me.

Truth is, to lose weight its 80% diet and 20% exercise.  So no matter how much I exercise, it won't make up for the bad food choices. 

So onto to a new week to lose back the weight I gained plus some. 

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