Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weigh-in Friday, Emotional? and Good things

So I weighed in this past Friday, on my birthday and I'm down 1 lb.  That is the type of stuff that gets me worried and well, it lets me know I'm not doing something right.

But then again, I lost 3.4 lbs right after Thanksgiving and my period coming (figures).  So I guess its okay because in the end, a loss is a loss right?

And I have to remember... since I'm now at 209 lbs, I am actually 2 pounds away from the lowest low I had with the lap band three years ago.  And that was struggle then to get to 207 lbs.  So I have to keep my head up and going.  I'm really trying NOT to be scale obsessed but its hard.  I think its hard this time around than before.  I also know that I have this goal of getting not only under 200 but to 195 by the time I see my doc.  He's pretty aggressive in the weight loss thing, but I'm glad - someone is keeping me accountable.

I am currently eating pureed and soft foods.  And for my birthday last Friday, my best friend and some co-workers bought me a Magic Bullet.  I'm excited to try it out, so I bought me some food to try it with.  Tonight, I had egg salad..... it was so yummy!  I probably ate like 3 oz.  I was so full.  Its crazy to say I was so full with that amount of food.  I always wanted that feeling of satiety with the lap band and to actually get it with this, its crazy and still hard to believe.

I do have to say... the grocery bill is a lot cheaper here.  Lol.  I do feel bad for the kiddos because I haven't been cooking much, nor has my husband.  He also got his sleeve surgery this past Tuesday.  So we're doing this together, how awesome is that?

I also went and had a massage for my birthday.... 110 minutes with hot stones.  It was so good and the therapist was not my usual, but she was awesome.

Thats another thing..... I just turned 34 and maybe its more from surgery, but since surgery... I feel so emotional.  Like wanting to cry a lot.  I don't know why.  This is really out of character for me.  I mean, like getting the Magic Bullet for my birthday... I started crying out of the thoughtfulness, thats NOT how I was before.  Lol.


Bonnie said...

Congratulations to being so close to your lowest low. I can imagine that it's hard not to be scared - I haven't gotten the surgery yet and I'm scared that I'll fail. I've always been a crier so welcome to the club. LOL. said...

Don't forget to feed the kiddos. Just saying. I think my husband is going to starve to death because I'm not cooking and he doesn't want to eat in front of me.