Saturday, August 13, 2011

Time Out!

After trying to stay up with the August challenge, I have to pull out.  I did it on the very first day, hurt my freaking left leg.  I'm guessing its a shin splint even though I haven't actually talked to a doctor.  Thats my medical educated guess and I'm pretty sure I'm correct.

I would go to the doctor to officially diagnosis but after reviewing my HSA account funds (after the dentist visit), not enough in there to cover the sick office visit to the specialist.  I basically had an emotional break down yesterday about all of this, mainly because I have a high deductible HSA health plan....  that means I have to first satisfy my $2400.00 deductible before the insurance kicks in at 80/20.  I was seriously crying, which was strange.  I process claims for a living.  I know how this works and what the deal is.  I guess because I know I'm trying to get this weight loss thing going and I feel myself falling back into what I've always done.  Like I said in a previous post >> Losing my mojo.

I've also learned the hard way that I'm 30 years old and I'm overweight, I can't just jump in and do exercises that someone in better shape is doing.  I have to start out slow.... until I build my strength, stamina, etc.  Thats why I hurt myself.  So since I'm waiting on doing the doctor thing, I'm doing the rest.  I had to back out of the August Challenge, which really makes me disappointed and sad (maybe thats why I was crying yesterday) :(

I got me some Ibuprofen and icey-hot for my leg....... I'm going to take a week off from any exercising involving my lower legs.  I will still do some swimming since that's lower impact.  I found some physical therapy exercises I can do on strengthening my calves/shins.  Gonna work on that. 

In the meantime, I've still been getting my water in.... however I can admit we've been eating some not great things.  I'm eating right for breakfast/lunch but come dinner  >> all hell breaks lose.  Gotta get that back under control.

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