Monday, January 12, 2015

Another stall in weight loss and sad face

Alright, so I really didn't feel like talking about it..... the 2nd Stall in this journey.  Which means, I know I'll have more stalls to come but still, its frustrating and almost scary for me when I stop losing.  Why because I'm afraid of failure and also because I'm afraid that will be it.  I have to remind myself to just keep pushing forward and keep doing well.

I haven't lost anything and I'm bouncing between 198.2 and 200.8 lbs since hitting Onderland back on 1/2/2015.  I don't know what is happening.

Another weird thing is, I just had my period at the end of December and I'm already going through the PMS symptoms now to start again any day now.  My cycle is thrown off, this is NEW... I've never had this happen before because I'm regular every 33 days.  So that could be part of the issue why I haven't lost anything in two weeks... retaining water.

This past week, I did really well with getting my protein up to 70 grams or above.  I am also getting my water in.  I'm also getting my vitamins in, finished off my gummy vitamins... so now its time to try the Celebrate brand again and hopefully they will not make me puke.  I will save that for this evening, while at home.  I did look over my MyFitnessPal account to see if there is something off, I really never paid mind to Carb intake and the way my surgeon talked... they really never brought it up.  Some days were 80 and others went over 100.  I wonder if I need to try and keep it down below 50.  Maybe that will help.  And since my calories are finally hitting over 1000, its definitely time to get more active.

Thats my one thing... finding the energy and time.  I go to class two times a week for 4 hours each class.  Add in studying and doing homework, as well as taking care of these dang kids.  Okay... STOP with the excuses Amanda.  I need to make it priority, even if its only 3 times a week initially.  At least I'm doing something, right?  I have to start some time... will do something tonight, no more of the getting home and being like... I'm tired.  Lol.

In other news... plans are coming into order to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.  Kind of excited for that.


Vanessa said...

Stalls happen...just keep doing what you do - maybe switch up your exercise and do something totally different..try a new class or start lifting weight...that usually will jump start your body burning fat....
You are doing great!

Bonnie said...

I totally can relate to how you are feeling. I'm afraid to fail and haven't even had the surgery yet. I think it's only natural given the disappointment that came with the band. It sounds like there is a lot going on with your body and I'm sure once thinks even out you will be losing again. said...

You are doing so well. My protein is 75-120 GM and carbs are <100 GM from fruit, dairy and 1 serving of oatmeal most days for the fiber. On days that I cycle I need at least 100 GM of carbohydrate. My calories are around 1100 kcal daily and that seems to be enough to keep me satisfied and have some energy. Don't listen to your inner critic! You're doing an amazing job. T

Rhonda said...

Just reevaluate your goals and move forward, you'll bust through that stall in no time!