Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm still here, just working a ton

So I've been working a ton because I want a really good check for back to school shopping.  Or make up for other things.

I've stuck to doing the August Challenge all week like and staying under my calorie goal.  I'm hoping that the scale reflects that because I really feel kind of down in the dumps today.  Just stress at work, people there work my nerves.  Plus I want to stay on track with this, I know it takes time to see the results.  I really want to keep this momentum going.  I notice its not the work out that gets to me, its actually going and doing it.  Because once I'm in work out mode, I have to force myself to stop.  I keep pushing myself.

In the meantime I'm doing good on the water intake as well.  So thats about it for me.  I'll post up the next weeks requirements for the challenge.  And their not good, so scared.  LOL.

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