Sunday, August 21, 2011

Semi-Rested, Kind of Want to Get Back to Routine and Bratty Kiddos

So I've basically taken about 2 weeks off from doing any major exercises.  Since then my leg/knee has been a ton better.  But I noticed last night my knee was aching after some walking we did around Walmart.  Had to get some last minute things for my junior high kiddo.  I just took some Ibuprofen and elevated my helped.  I don't think I did anything too bad to my knee.  I'm starting to think it was my knee more than a shin splint.

However the good news is I've managed to drop 2 (. point) 4 pounds of the stuff I gained back the week before.  I've done bad on my water intake this week - I got most of it in but had some off days and it was hard for me to get it down like I had done before.  Outside of that I did pretty good on staying under my calories.  Especially since I knew I would not be doing any major work outs.  I want to start doing the treadmill this week but I'm afraid it may be too soon to work out on my knee again.

So goal this coming week is maintain staying under calorie intake, get my 64+ ounces of water in daily and try to get in 35 minutes of cardio at least 3 times this week.  So thats 105 minutes of exercised planned for this week.  I figure starting out slow and not so intense like I did last time...... won't hurt my limbs again. :)

I'll post tomorrow with some 1st day of school photos.  Laters.

Plus this past week I've been staying until 7pm or later working late.  I knew I needed a good check with the kids going back, etc.  So I've been really exhausted off that.

The kids start back to school tomorrow.  My oldest, who is starting middle school has been acting majorly bratty.  I don't know why.  I just want to slap him.  For real.  I can't take snotty kids with attitudes... and thats how he's been acting lately.  He gets mad if we ask him to do any chores, help with is siblings, etc.  I know its a bit overwhelming but he needs to understand how much we all do in this family.  Its not like he doesn't get to do things as a kid.

I'm off tomorrow to see the kids off to their 1st day of school.  I'll post again then with some pictures.  Yay!


Lisa said...

great job dropping those 24 pounds!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Proud of you for those 24 lbs. I believe someone, who I won't mention any names, cough cough, told you to start off slow with the work outs ;) Learned a lesson didn't we? Im kidding well kind of. Just take things slow, this isn't a race, and you don't have to prove to anyone you work out like a mad woman. Take things slowly and week by week increase and things will be just fine!

Manda said...

Its actually 2.4 pounds. The font on here makes the . not show all the way. LOL. I wish 24 pounds.

Thanks though ladies. Yeah, Sarah... you have no idea how much I learned that lesson hard. Being in pain is no fun. But I'm so hardcore, I keep pushing. I also had to remember, I'm still carrying around an extra 80lbs and I'm 30 years old now.