Sunday, August 7, 2011

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Challenge for this coming week.  I thought this week was a bit hard, not sure how next will go with all this listed below.  Yikes!

AUGUST CHALLENGE WEEK 2: Unleashing the Beast Within!

This is the week two team challenge. This should be done in addition to your normal workout routine. This is a challenge and is not a replacement! If you need a beginner workout please contact your team captain for ideas.

Week Two Daily Exercise Challenge

Day 1 Exercise Challenge - 50 Squat Kicks*
Day 2 Exercise Challenge – 50 Swimmer’s Presses + 1 Extra Mile jog/walk/run *You may use cans of soup or bottles of water if u don’t have weights
Day 3 Exercise Challenge – 50 Situps or Ab Crunches* + 50 Mountain Climbers
Day 4 Exercise Challenge – 3 sets of 21’s + 100 Jumping Jacks *Bicep Curls may be done with cans of soup or bottles of water if you don’t have any weights.
Day 5 Exercise Challenge – 50 Globe jumps + 100 Jumping Jacks + 100 Stair Climbs (jog or run)
Day 6 Exercise Challenge – 40 Shoulder Presses + 1 extra mile + 50 crunches
Day 7 Rest! You deserve it!

Week Two Weekly Team Challenge
Each team must coordinate a 100 mile walk, run, jog outside of their normal running jogging. You will to volunteer how much you can walk. If the team does accomplish the 100 mile challenge they will be rewarded with 5 bonus point. In addition to the 100 mile walk each team member must submit their favorite recipe to the group forum, along with the nutritional value. If someone submits your favorite you must find another recipe to submit.

*Feel free to do these exercises in sets if you are unable to do them all at one time. Please do your best as you are much stronger than you believe.

Please note each week the exercises will increase in difficulty. This will push each team member. Modifications will be provided for those who unable to complete the exercise as intended. Release your potential and it will take you further than you imagined.

>>>>>> So yeah, this is what I have to look forward to on the new challenge for exercises.  Still have to keep up the 64oz water a day and keep under my calorie goal.  BTW, lost 1lb doing this.  And my muscles are still sore everywhere.  But gotta keep pushing.  I think can I tell a difference in my arms somewhat. 

Onto other things ..........  I made a cake for my niece's birthday today.  Just a small family gathering.  She turned 14 on August 1st and we're doing something this weekend.  Check out the pic...

Found some neon food coloring and hooked it up.  Its like 1989 all over again!  Hahaha.  She loves it, her favorite color is green and purple...  same as me.  We had fun creating this fantastic mess yesterday and the cake is Cinnamon Swirl.  No worries, I'll have a small piece but nothing too damaging for the diet.  And the family is gonna do tacos for the night.  My niece doesn't know but I got her a present.  So shhhh.  I hope she'll be excited for what I got her.  I think their really cute.  I'm sure she will be.

Outside of that, I also managed to get my 25 hours of OT in at work.  Something I made a goal for to get us in the right place before school starts.  Another two weeks of hitting 25 hours again coming up.  Then back to my normal schedule.  Especially because Aries and my nephew Avery will be doing NFL Flag Football soon. 

My favorite time of year is coming up........ FALL!  Although its hot as hell here in Texas and will not cool down til like October, I'm still excited.  NFL football is coming back and can't wait to watch the New Orleans Saints play.  Yay!

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