Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Holy Moly the Crap I ate!

Yes... you read that correct!  I ate a bunch of crap yesterday and did I stop?  Nope!  I just kept right on!  However I would like to say... it did taste oh so good. 

And yes, I did all this after my commitment post.  So it yet confirms my "interest" in losing weight.  Hahaha.  Yes, I'm not taking it as seriously as I maybe/probably should but oh well.  I messed up, next day... fix it.  I admit, I'm a freaking food addict and its a hard thing to let go since we do have to eat to survive. 

I have no problem saying I majorly jacked up my calorie intake yesterday.  So what lead to the major mess up?  Hmmm, first I got yelled out by a member's grown child.  Not good.  First, I hate talking to people over the phone or in person.  I hate customer service.  However, I do my best to assist/help those who call to understand how the policies work and fix any issues.  I'm never rude.  But something in me just does not take changes in tones of attitude much less over talking me or even screaming at me.  Here's the deal... the person had questions, I attempted to explain and answer these questions.  The information I was supplying, that person did not like because it of course would not cover expenses they had.  I understand the disappointment, but yelling at me does not help.  Had to transfer to the boss.  Hmmf.

That really messed me up.  Second time in almost a month I've been yelled at on the phone.  Can't take it!!

Then I feel like I can't breathe... Asthma related issues.  No more refills to get my emergency inhaler.  Call the doctor, have to go in and see them to get a prescription.  Greattttt... Took my lunch to see the doctor.  Got my prescription and an extra one for prednisone to open my airways.  YAY!  But on the way back to work, I seen Burger King.  I thought about that wonderful new commercial for the California Whopper.  You have no idea how much I love avocado and then bacon on it too.  OMG!  So I fell for it.  I even got a chocolate Oreo shake.  I ate half of each.  But once I seen the damn calories for each..... it ruined my day.  LOL.  And the joy from the meal.

Yes, the JOY!  Guilt came in.  I have to admit, only until recently have I really felt the guilt of eating bad.  Only until recently have I really looked at calories and felt the guilt of eating this horrible stuff.  I hated myself yesterday.  So what did I do to myself for being bad during lunch time >>> ate a bunch of BAD frozen food appetizers for dinner.  :)  Those Don Miguel Mini Tacos were sooooo good and the mini empanada's. 

So I totally killed the calorie intake for yesterday. 

Anywho......... onto to today.  Re-do!  And lots of water to rinse out all of the sodium I consumed yesterday.


Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

The trick that helps me not having that stuff is look at the calorie, sodium and fat content before you get it, it stops me dead in my tracks even though I so want it and want to taste it, I can't put those calories in my mouth. Now don't get me wrong I have eaten fast food since surgery a handful of times so I am not going to lie and say I haven't but it helps me now to look at the nutritional content of things at restaurants before getting.
Sorry you had a bad day, being a food addict sucks you know what, I battle it every single day!

Fat in Suburbia said...

It happens to the best of us *sigh* I went on a killer binge last night after breaking up my kids fighting. Carrot cake, pop tarts- it was ugly.