Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weigh In for 10.02.11

Weigh-In:  211.8

So this sucks.  My scale this morning keeps going between 212.4 and 211.8.  I choose to go with the lowest since on Wednesday I weighed at the Dr's office 211.6.  So I'm down 0.8 pounds from last week, total of 31.2 pounds altogether.  What going on? Not sure. Especially after having a freakin fill, usually you lose after.  I don't know other than I can admit, since Wednesday... I have felt VERY bloated.  Plus my boobies are getting sore and that usually occurs right before I start my period.  At least a week before. So does TOM really matter?

Sorry if TMI... but I haven't had great things happening in the #2 department.  Backed up, lets just say that.  I finally drank some coffee at home with my agave sweetner (that usually gets things moving) and it did.  My stomach is still gurgling loud as ever over here.  But 211.8 is better than prior to the potty visit today.... I was 213.0 at first.  

Now I do admit, I ate a small slice of pizza from Pizza Hut last night (it was off the medium and I grabbed the smallest slice of the pizza) and had some boneless Honey BBQ wings from Pizza Hut as well.  But I ate good the rest of the day.  Hmm.  I don't know, my stomach is just feeling real messed up the past few days.

As for the new fill, I can feel the restriction... WAYYY more than I did before.  I attempted to eat one of my son's PB&J crackers and kind of had a moment where it hung up.  That sucked.  I definitely have to remember the Band Rules >>> eat slowly and chew up well.  I am getting full on less and its lasting for about 5-6 hours it seems.  I think next week I'm going to stop eating snacks in between meals during the day.  I think I was doing that before because I was feeling the urge to snack, not so much since the fill.  But then I have to figure out how to get high protein in.  After upping it some (after noticing how it helped another friend's loss pick up again), I've noticed its doing the same for me.  Maybe I will purchase some more of those OhYeah Shakes, they were good and had 32g's of protein for 14oz.

I do admit, I didn't work out at all this week.  Not even purposely walking.  Nada.  I just feel so tired every day.  Maybe its because I need a break from all of the OT I'm doing (plus the job is saying they will be cutting it this month, we'll see).  Or maybe its because I don't work out.  I know you get some extra energy from it.  I really have to put time aside for this.  But lets be real, I hate exercising.  Or more so I hate getting going to do it.  Its so nice just laying around on the couch.  Haha.  Geez, so lazy I know.

I'm trying to be committed to this.  Why is it so hard to stick to losing weight.  Ahhhh!

LAST WEEK'S ACTIVITIES:  Outside of the lack of exercise, I can say I did stay under calorie goal besides Monday.  Oops.  As for the water intake, didn't get in as much as I needed each day consistently.  

THIS COMING WEEK'S GOAL'S:  Stick to the original plan:  Keep tracking food, stay under calorie goal each day, get in at least 72 oz of water and actually make an attempt at exercising this week. 


Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Great job on your loss hun, you are doing great!
The bloating I can relate too, I am going through the same thing this past week and I swear it's TOM, plus Im not on any birth control at the moment so I think my hormones are into over drive confused LOL
The tummy issues, I don't have much advice but I feel your pain, I'm experiencing the same issues and trying to find a happy medium with it, I will keep you posted when I find out something that really works! Right now I have been taking one Ducalax laxative a day and it's helping. I am going to get those Magnesium Oxide pills this coming weekend and try those too, the veteran weight loss ladies say that is key!
Lets both hope this week is better for the both of us!

Manda said...

I just read something from an article this evening on the Magnesium Oxide. Said it causes the laxative part but its good for other stuff too.

Dizzy Girl said...

You're goals for this week are great! I am going to implement the same goals- you've inspired me. If I can even get in 64 ounces of water I'm going to be stoked (per day). My plan is to work out at least 5 days this week, get in my water, and get my REST!

Let's do this!!!



Manda said...

Yes... you can do it too!!