Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Something must be in the air...

I said this earlier on my facebook page... Not going to call out names or anything but my heart aches right now for all of my close friends going through things in their relationships right now.  I'm not sure what the deal is but there seem to be so many issues for people right now.  Is it the ecomony?  Is it finances?  Is it the way people are these days, like out for themselves and not thinking of anyone else?  Who knows.  But as I've told my friend(s), whatever decision you make on your relationship... I'm here for you.  I will not judge you either way.  We're grown!  And as long as the other half is not abusing you physically/mentally... then I have nothing to say.  Because truth is... people do cheat, even in what others believe to be the best relationship.  It happens.  A good relationship will work through it though.

And I guess by me not only putting my situation out in the open on here and on FB... these friends are coming to me.  It makes me feel pretty good that they trust me enough to tell of these things.  I seriously have all of them in my prayers right now.  We're strong people (cause yes, that applies to females/males) and you will be okay.  Go through the grieving/break up process or choose to mend/heal the damage with your partner... its all okay to feel it.  Thats the key, feel those feelings.  Cry your eyes out.  Your allowed to feel all of it and don't be ashamed.  Your not a fool!  Your not stupid for missing things or thinking things were okay.  You were in love with this person and you trusted them.  Its not you, its that other person dealing with personal issues.  Now its on you how you want to deal with it.  Whatever you decision, all that matters is that your happy in the end.

It kind of feels like a letter to myself as well....

As for my own personal situation, I really didn't put the reason we broke up or had issues.  The truth is, I caught him "talking" to another woman.  The chic knew he was married and well, he let her into our relationship.  It even got to the point of him packing up and going to his mother's home in Houston.  I guess after a week of being a part and well seeing me decide to go out with friends (because thats what friends do, they get you out of the house and MAKE you have fun!) and something I did on purpose to make him jealous (yes, not the mature route but I knew if I did this thing... he would react and was hoping he would realize the mistakes he made).  Nothing horrible, just slight fibbing to get a rise and it worked.  But then again he was saying he missed me prior... I just had to push him more. 

He attended his first therapy session alone, it went pretty well from what he says.  Now next week we go together.  So worried what she is going to say to me.  LOL.  I admit, I'm no angel.  I'm a tough cookie.

Now on the weight thing >>> I started taking the Magnesium Oxide pills yesterday to help with the stomach issues.  Went first thing this morning.  Coincidence? We shall see.  I would like it to be everyday!  Lol.  I am in day 2 of this week and did pretty well yesterday with my calorie intake and got in 96 ounces of water.  I really want to flush out this damn sodium... I really think I'm retaining water.  How the hell do you gain 4-5 pounds in a week?  Is that even possible?  I swear I stepped on the scale and it said I had now gained back 5 pounds.  [side note:  I wonder if my scale battery is low? Gotta check that.]  Either way... here's hoping that the water this week helps weigh in day on Sunday!


trisha said...

I hope that you (and your husband) get out of counseling that which you are searching for... you deserve to be happy!

Thanks for sharing your life with us via your blog - I am here if you ever need to talk!!

((HUGS!)) - t

Ronnie said...

It's great that you're so open about your blog with people. And how flattering that they're coming to you for advice! :) I hope the counseling helps.

And glad you got the numero dos situation handled!

speck said...

Best wishes for your future.

You have to do what you feel is right.

In the end, it always works out the way it is suppose it.

I'm a believer that you are where you are at now for a reason. :)

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

There is something in the air for sure!
I am glad the pills worked for you so soon! Take them every single day and you should keep seeing results, I forgot mine one day and sure enough for 2 days I had problems and then was back to normal, them things are life savers!