Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Festivities!

Okay, none for me really.  However, I admit I have had some candy.  It doesn't help that its everywhere right now.  Okay, I admit... I need self-control.  I'm working on that (especially since the holidays are around the corner).

From Halloween 2010
So back to Halloween and good stuff.  No costumes this year for the kiddos.  Not because we do not believe in celebrating or anything.  We do it some times and then do other things other years.  Well since we've had a lot of stuff going on this past month, we decided not to partake in costumes and walk the neighborhood.  Instead, we chose to spend the money for costumes on having our own home Halloween Party.  So we bought two card games to play as a family The Game of Life and Monopoly (yes, they have it in card games) and its very fun!  Then there was eating frozen pizzas from Wally World and some other finger foods (my faves:  Mini Beef & Cheese Tacos & Empanadas).  We also bought a variety of candies for the household, along with vanilla ice cream and root-beer and orange soda for floats... in place of trick or treating.  So a weekend of scary movies and family time with all the bad food stuff we usually don't have here (yes, I usually do not have sweets for the kids).

Here is a picture of the kids from last Halloween.  My oldest son was a Werewolf, Snuk was Elmo, Naty was Jasmine for Aladdin and my nephew was a vampire (kind of like Edward from Twilight, lol).

Gotta love it!

Thats about it for our family on celebrating this weekend.  Good times!


Andrea said...

That sounds so fun! I would have loved that way better than trick or treating!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

What a great alternative! This year will be Gage's first year doing all the activities. We carved a pumpkin last year and he wouldn't help or touch it LOL But this will be his first year trick or treating and having a costume so we will see how it goes!

trisha said...

i LOVE those mini taco things and could seriously eat like 8 billion of them!!!!!!! LOL

great pic of the kiddos!!