Monday, October 3, 2011

Commit, Follow Through, etc

So I thought about the whole commitment to losing weight.  It brings me back to reading Ms. Fat in Suburbia's blog last week.  She said she's reading this book called 100 days of Weight loss.  She mentioned how it says are you interested in weight loss or are you committed.  It really had me thinking.  The truth is, I'm not committed... more so interested in.  That really has been my problem all along and well I admitted this back in July when I first started getting back on the wagon of weight loss.

Now yes, I am on a roll lately with losing about a pound or so a week.  But that just may be luck.  I'm not really putting my all into it.  I also know I have commitment issues anyways...... and add in that I'm a procrastinator.  But the weight loss journey is different.  Its not like I have a deadline for it, so procrastinating gets me know where on this subject.  I guess that's why I keep putting it off and not making it important in my life.

So where is my commitment in this, why can't I commit?  Fear of failure.  But I have to stop this cycle that I do.  I really want to lose weight.  You would think the desire for this would motivate me.  However, even I can admit I'm lazy.  Not a good quality at all.  I hate the fact that it requires so much effort and hard work to get results.  Haha.  Lazy mentality... but its actually me.  I guess its better to admit and learn to fix than to avoid and be in denial (since I've been doing the denial for so many years).

As I think back for the months of August and September, because I actually started in the beginning of August.  I did do the working out.  I did feel better.  So why not do this again?  I just gotta push myself to do it and not allow other things to interfere.  Other things like life.  Or actually other things like EXCUSES.  I do have to give credit though, I have changed a lot in the past two months and accomplished the following:
  • Drinking water daily (I never did this, even post-op or pre-op)
  • Tracking calories or food intake daily
  • Eating breakfast daily (prior to surgery this was a habit I never did, always skipped)
  • Working out for almost 3 weeks straight (thats major for me too, haha)
  • Taking my vitamins everyday (or at least 5 days a week, even post-op)
So although I haven't totally committed to the weight loss journey, I can say I have semi-committed.  Does that count for something? :)

And by doing the list above... I have managed to lose some weight, probably more if I really put 100% in it.  But the biggest for me was seeing my cholesterol numbers go down for me.  Seeing that number this year go from 222 to 186 has changed my perspective some. 

Here's hoping (I mean will be) that October is better!


speck said...

Hey Manda,

I read an article and I bet it's the same thing that is in the book. It was "Are you interested or are you committed". It was an awesome read.

I think one thing that has helped me is to just accept where I'm at, at the moment. I think it's ok to say right now I'm not committed, I don't want to do this and just accept it. What ends up happening is, I start this huge ass debate and the bottom line is....I'm not going to do it right now so just acknowledge it and move on. And the most important thing about that being said, is to say AND IT'S ALRIGHT. We beat ourselves up so much when when think we are failures.

Ok, I'll shut up. Dang, this isn't MY Blog Post! lol

Fat in Suburbia said...

Thanks for the shout out! Love your blog, Manda! Here's to commitment!

Manda said...

Hahaha @ Speck... you really do crack me up. But I read everything you tell me. I get what your saying, believe I do. And definitely appreciate the words.