Monday, October 17, 2011

Weigh In for 10.16.11

Weigh-In:  209.8

Well I weighed myself yesterday morning... just didn't put it out here.  I'm down about 0.6 pounds.  Not bad considering.  But I've had a hard time concentrating on logging, eating anything and all that good stuff this past week.  Its just been a hard week on me emotionally.

No picture since I didn't feel like messing with anything.  Sorry ya'll.  I'll do that again next week.

In the meantime, after many hours on the phone with the husband... we are working on things.  He will be home tomorrow.  I go to therapy today, alone.  But the plan is to go together on the next visit.  We have to get us back to a good place again.  I love him with all of me.  I hope he can fulfill the words he's said.  As always, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.  So please pray for us and our family as a whole.

I appreciate the kind words from everyone. 

Much love.


speck said...

I will definitely think of you and your husband during this time. :)


Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Glad you guys decided to work things out, will be saying prayers for you guys during this tough time!

Ronnie said...

Praying for ya! Hope all goes well for the therapy session tomorrow.