Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weigh Day! Exercise & Other Life Updates!

So its weigh in day again....I'm down 1 pound at 217 lbs.  Whoop Whoop! Doing well.  I think I've hit my goal for my Shape Up or Get Out weight loss group...I believe I put 6 pounds down for the month of January.  And I came close...4lbs.  Next time month will be better!

Outside of that, I got my EA Active for Wii thanks to my hubby!  He had a credit with his Game Stop account and paid the difference to get the game for me.  Good Lord!  That thing really does work you out, its so has a personal weight trainer, a calender, a journal.  Everything to keep you accountable.  So right now I'm doing the 30-day program on it.  It has different intensity levels and I put it on the lowest cause my fat ass can't handle more.  I knew it and I was right.  I woke up yesterday sore as hell!  I needed water in the middle of it.  It had me running in place and I couldn't handle that. Haha.  My legs, thighs, butt checks and middle of my back are sore.  But I'm going to move forward with working out.  D gave me a massage last night and it helped.  But I was feeling real bad last night...not sure if it was my Cedar Fever (allergies) or actually getting sick on top of sore muscles from my work outs.

As for other updates, D and I have decided we're getting married in March on our 3rd Anniversary date.  I'm so happy!  After going back and forth on how to do it and if we should wait, and it being mainly my decision because to him, he said he will marry me whenever.  I decided lets just do it.  Nothing big or fancy, mainly because we don't have the extra money like that right now.  But we'll be going to the Justice of the Peace and doing it, hopefully dinner afterward with family.  I guess the next big decision is if I should hyphenate my name or use his last name only.  In the meantime, I signed us up for an 8-hour marriage class in February.  So fun!  Haha.

Thats about it...


NikG said...

That's great, the EA Active sounds really cool!! Congrats on getting married! You're a good one, I don't think I want to get married any time soon, lol. Hope you get to feeling better.

Lisa said...

congrats on your loss!

- Lisa